"Nature Publishing Group and Nanjing Agricultural University today announce the 2014 launch of Horticulture Research. The open access journal will launch on nature.com in January 2014, and will begin accepting submissions later in 2013. The new partnership was announced at the launch of the Macmillan Science & Education office in Shanghai this week, at an event at the Shanghai Science Hall.

Horticulture Research will publish original research articles and reviews and mini-reviews on novel discoveries focusing on all major horticultural crops, including fruits, vegetables, ornamental trees and flowers, herbs, and tea trees, both in preharvest and postharvest stages. The journal will primarily focus on basic and fundamental research with broad international and disciplinary interests. Its scope will cover genetics, breeding, “-omics” and evolution, origination and domestication horticultural crops, biotechnology, biochemistry, physiology, cellular and molecular biology, and environmental biology including interactions with other organisms."