Vintage Workshop® Exhibition + Première music video by DarkAngel0ne, Milano 9-11 February 2014

Quarantesima edizione per Vintage Workshop® e quasi dieci anni dallo start-up del progetto che nel 2005 ha preso l'avvio con la fondazione dell'Associazione culturale dei Ricercatori di Moda d'Epoca.
Evento consolidato ma sempre in progress e che non smette di sorprendere creando forti aspettative ad ogni nuova edizione.
Seppure molto noto e richiesto nelle frange dei creatori e designer più importanti, riconosciuto come primaria fonte di ispirazione per le proposte di accessori Vintage unici e ad elevato contenuto stilistico che propone, il fatto che si fosse sempre svolto con decorrenza infrasettimanale, in concomitanza con la moda a Milano, non aveva favorito finora il pubblico dei privati, soprattutto provenienti da altre città d'Italia.
Ecco fatto, per il grande anniversario, Vintage Workshop® aprirà i battenti eccezionalmente la domenica 9 febbraio con orario ad oltranza 9/20 e ingresso libero a Palazzo delle Stelline, Salone Solari in corso Magenta.  E, prima ancora che ne parli la stampa on e offline, do ai miei lettori una chicca ultragalattica: in prima assoluta internazionale, proprio domenica sarà presentato il nuovo movie musicale realizzato dall'artista visuale Nativo Americano +DarkAngel0ne, al secolo RedHawk, conosciutissimo nell'ambiente artistico per aver portato alla ribalta con i suoi video visionari alcuni artisti e band oltre ad aver conferito un'impronta inconfondibile a molti lavori di musicisti di fama mondiale.

Proiezioni del film musicale e esposizione vendita Vintage proseguiranno lunedì 10 e martedì 11 con orario continuato 9/20 e ingresso libero.

Luxury Vintage Workshop® show at the Creativity Expo “Fabriano Maker City” (AN - Marche Region, I...

During the whole 4-days lasting Creativity Expo, as highlight of the so called exhibition area “Arts & Events”, the Italian cultural Association of the Vintage Fashion Researchers will hold "LUXURY VINTAGE", a special exhibition of one-of-a-kind period purses and shoes at the Foyer of the Gentile Theatre in Fabriano.

Around 50 rare highly collectable and unique exemplars dated back to the 40’s to the early ‘80’s will be displayed on an amazing labyrinth of Plexiglas showcases in the Foyer of the antique Teatro Gentile, on Via Gentile da Fabriano, 60044 Fabriano (Ancona) from the 4th to the 7th of September (opening times: Thursday, Friday and Saturday: 5pm through to 11pm; Sunday 10am to 11pm).

Vintage Workshop for Luxury Fashion back to SavHotel Bologna-Fiera for next Lineapelle Fair

Luxury Vintage Workshop® Bologna will take place in a at the exhibition hall of  the SAVHOTEL Bologna-Fiera, at few hundreds meters from the LINEAPELLE Fair gate “Costituzione”, offering to an international audience a great chance to see several rare and highly sought after period exemplars impossible to see elsewhere, lending a variety of creative hints, ideas, clues, atmospheres, moods focused on the future collections S/Summer 2015.


This collective exhibition and sale is able to always display a good choice of one of the European largest and most comprehensive Vintage purses and shoes collections, a selection which is steadily in progress, constantly enhanced with new assortments by its founders.
Visitors will also have the chance to review a total new selection of recently hunted Vintage one-of-a-kind and collectable pieces, as well as the newly acquired rarest or most unique exemplars from the Vintage Workshop® Accessories Archives that will immediately be available for rent with ready pick-up on the spot.


The accessories on display are in different materials from various proveniences iworld over with a special attention to “made in Italy” and European period pieces.

A special area will be dedicated to some moods that the organizing association and members  forecast as possibly future fashion trends to be intercepted and captured: the Post-Punk, Dark atmospheric, Steam Punk, Industrial and new Urban Cyber that the Vintage Workshop project deviser, Angela Eupani, called “CYS” or Cyber Citizens.


The shopping show will open from 9am to 9pm non-stop on both March 11 and 12.

This way, the show will offer a view opportunity not to be missed to connoisseurs, Vintage addicts, collectors, shoppers and in general to very discerning visitors extremely keen on quality original Vintage (...)

Google Glasses, when, why, how much...

Sun glasses have been the most recent trendy accessories in fashion, what about the ultra technologyc Google glasses in the next future?


Gli occhiali da sole hanno rappresentato iil più recente trend negli accessori modaioli, cosa avverrà con gli ultra tecnologici occhiali Google nel prossimo futuro?

Just launched the new Web version of (by Roberto Gerosa on Google+ )

The best micro videos of the year 2013, seen on Vine!!

5 motivi per lasciare Facebook nel 2014

Five good reasons for quitting FB. Never made part but I think this might be of interest for those who are still in ;-)

VINTAGE WORKSHOP® Civitanova MarKet© Shoes & Bags
Folks, this is an extraordinary event on Vintage research, no other like this in the whole Europe! I am so enthusiastic about the fact that the organizing association will hold this Vintage Workshop project in the Marche Region too...Unmissable!
Next Vintage Belgioioso 2013 GIVEAWAY free tickets (gratis biglietti omaggio!!)

The Italian Association of the Vintage Fashion Hunters (Associazione culturale Ricercatori Moda d'Epoca) , media partner of the Next Vintage Show at the Castle Belgioioso (Pavia - Italy)

informs all Vintage fans that they have an allotment of free tickets that can save you the entrance fee of €10 pers./day.  The Show will oper on October the 18 until the 21.

How does it work?

You'll just need to share in either one of your social network channels (Linkedin, What's Up, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest or Twitter) or also in your blog either their home page:

or their new no-profit activist action video signed CaponeBungtBangt about preservation and respect of the environment by means of recycling any kind of waste material, here's the link to the Youtube video that you can share on your networks:

Finally, send the pingback link to the e-mail

newcommunication(at)yahoo(dot)it  together with your name in full and of course your e-mail within Saturday October the 19 and you will receive one free ticket via e-mail. Should you need one more ticket, you must communicate another name and another e-mail address together with the link share to another of your channel.

May Vintage make you happier!


Stefano Wolf

Urban music from the garbage to save the Planet (Capone & BungtBangt English video!)

"A great musical video educational (Youtube) on the theme of recycling and saving the environment. English spoken and English subtitles added!"

Instagram Confirms In-Feed Image and Video Ads
In September, it was reported that Instagram had planned to start monetizing its service, but no start date was provided. Now it appears that the new ad units might be closer than we all thought.