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Candac White's insight:



How you are viewed online may not portray your talents accurately. More and more employers now turn to the search engines to learn more about their potential candidates. Are you aware of what they see?

Online reputation management Defender is no longer for businesses only. Individuals in the job market, in the public eye, or those who possess the same name as people with a bad reputation, can distance themselves from any negative remarks and in replace those with new, positive information to their personal brand online.


Search results give people and employers searching for your name a first impression of who you are.

Your online image may be compromised without your direct knowledge. When you are outside the radar as to what is published about you and your background, you could be beaming a signal that could hurt your future or your business. Deceptive or plain incorrect information about you online could become your undoing.

The search results may present something negative about a different person with the same name as you have and can mislead people searching for you.

Negative search results can have a greater impact than you realize.

Insurance companies, business partners, future employers and sometimes even prospective amorous interests can and do search for you online to find out more about your background. What people are looking for typically are biographies, write-ups, achievements and more. But in many cases, they find previous arrest notices, negative news articles or even pictures of you that you never intended to go public.

This can be disastrous and if you do nothing about it, you could be missing out on a number of life-enhancing opportunities.


Once you know what is being published about you, the next move is to push the negative reviews out of sight of potential customers on search engines. These can come in the form of any of the following:

• Hostile smear campaigns from competitors
• Embellished bad reviews on blogs
• Biased reports on news sites
• Antagonistic comments from unknown people
We work with you to push these inaccurate, outdated and unnecessarily unflattering remarks to the bottom of the search results so your potential customers can see the truth about your brand. With the help of modern information technology, we help boost the positive remarks and reviews about your business to the top in order to bring your company back to the spotlight.

When your brand’s positive reviews soar up in search engine results, your customers will see these before they see all others. Hence, we help you obtain instant positive first impression and make a successful move online.


We have found a unique way to make your positive reviews more dominant in the eyes of the search engines by dedicating a large amount of time, effort and expertise toward making your positive reviews popular.

Most people are not aware of it; but Google, Bing and other common search engines use complicated algorithms to measure which pages are seen first. However, one of the most looked at metrics within these algorithms is webpage and website popularity. The more bad reviews are seen, the more they are considered prevalent within search engine results, making them difficult to push down.

Our advanced technology allows us to reverse that process. We are able to bring positive reviews up to the top of the search results naturally just by making the algorithms work in your favor.

Contact us today to learn more about how our service can help your business grow online.

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Scooped by Candac White!

About Online Reputation Management Agency

About Online Reputation Management Agency | Online Reputation Management Agency |
Online Reputation Management Agency -
Candac White's insight:

Welcome to Reputation Management Agency

According to market surveys, eighty-percent of customers are influenced by advice received on social media about services and products. What does this mean for you? You need to be aware of what Internet says about your brand. The world has changed drastically and now seventy-five-percent of customers trust per recommendations while only fourteen-percent trust ads. Obviously, your brand's future sales lie in the hands of what people say about your company. To manage this, you need help monitoring the comments and reviews being made about your product or service. With our Online Reputation Management Agency, you get:


Notifications of a negative reviewStrategic plan of actionBetter search results and fewer visible negative reviewsTracking reports to give a reputation overview


In simple terms, we can help you drive sales. The unhindered freedom people now have to post whatever they wish online has left businesses facing many risks. With a greater percentage of your customers being influenced by online reviews, ratings from friends and comments on social media, your sales can suffer a serious drop if you do not manage your online standing. Our service allows you to monitor the negative reviews posted so that you have better control over how people see your brand and also stop negative comments in their tracks.

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