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This article is written by Ross Dawson, for The Future of Journalism Blog. Ross is one of my favorite people - His blog is Trends in The Living Networks - he's a media futurist and one of the best!


Here are some highlights:


****Novelty, in uncovering newsworthy stories, remains as critical as ever, reinforcing the importance of traditional journalism. Investigative reporting will retain a central role in society.


****Increasingly this will involve data analysis, and often harnessing information and insights provided by many citizens.


****Reputation becomes even more important in a world of unfettered information production.


****We will have context-specific measures for the reputation of both publications and individual journalists,


****enabling their audience to decide whether to place credence in their views.


****Relevance relates news to individuals or small groups of readers, often through personalisation and localisation.'


****Journalists will provide value through a deep understanding of focused groups, the issues they face and the decisions they need to make.


****Community will shift to the centre of media revenue models, meaning that journalists will need to understand and engage well with communities of news consumers, often enlisting their assistance to curate as well as contribute to news reporting.


****Those journalists and publishers who recognise where value resides in the emerging landscape of news will prosper themselves, and create many-faceted wealth for us all.


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