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This wonderful piece was written by Milas Page - it is inspiring, it is true and it's what's is happening to many people as a result of interacting in social media.


The author talks about the "social mindset" connecting as human beings is what gets you in the door......


Here are some highlights:


**The Social Mindset sees the value in collaboration


**The Social Mindset cares about others – be it your customers, your employees, or your partners


**The Social Mindset lays the groundwork for the importance of listening


**The Social Mindset leads you to realize you can help – therefore makes you open to helping when an opportunity arises


**The Social Mindset surrounds you with positive thinking and empowers you to realize you can make a change


What's the point, she asks? I'm quoting Milas because I couldn't have said it better..........


An interaction like the she refers to in this piece is between her and another person whom in the past she would have closed the door  but social media has made her see people in a different light.


"Tirelessly one door at a time, trying to activate communities. Now an interaction like that can not only reach me, it can reach you.


Messages amplified, reach expanding.Making the human connection is what get’s you in the door."


** "Then think about the implications this has in our world, I believe it has many and it’s a good thing. Companies and people who embrace social as a mindset will change this world, one person – one cause, one workplace at a time"


How has it changed you?


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Curation, Social Business and Beyond"


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