Philadelphia, PA 6th Aug, 2014 one of the leading online based transcription experts has confirmed that indeed it has managed to shatter its half year growth targets set earlier in January. According to a statement released by the firm's financial manager the latest success comes as demand for professional transcription services continues to rise. The provider is confident that it will surpass its yearly projections for 2014 in what so far has been a telling and stellar performance in the last six months.

According to many experts in the online transcription services sector the fact that has seen progressive growth in the last six months is a great testament of its ability to deliver remarkable services to customers across the world. The competition among online based transcription consultants has been very huge and as such, a lot of analysts note that attracting new customers in this market is indeed great evidence of the trust customers have placed on the company. In any case however, is looking to maintain this trend in the next few months or so.

The online transcription services provider has been on the upward growth trend for the best part of five years. Although the firm notes that this success has come at great investments and also commitment, the company has taken great pride in knowing that a lot of its customers have been getting so much value in its transcription services. Maintaining this momentous growth will not be something easy. However, has been buoyed by the rising demand for transcription services as well as its ever improving customer ratings in review sites across the world.

Experts note that the most important thing in the provision of online transcription is actually accuracy and reliability. Transcription is by far one of the most error prone activities and based on this most customers have always settled for nothing less but the best. notes that part of the reason why its growth momentum has been breathtaking is based on its well proven consistency to offer custom transcription services that meet the highest standards of quality set in the market.

The company has assured its current and future customers that this trend will continue even in the future as it looks to become one of the biggest transcription firm in the world. For more information on how you can get its online audio transcription please get in touch with its team through today.

About is a leading transcription service provider with a remarkable track record in delivering high quality services to all its customers. The firm has been in business for years and has managed to set very high standards for competitors to follow. For more information on how you can work with its team please visit

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