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The Future of Online News Portals—What You Should Know
These days, you can do a lot of things by just going online such as shopping,
paying bills, communicating with friends, sharing documents, listening to
music, and watching videos, to name a few. The internet is also the easiest
and fastest way to access information, which is why many people go to their
computers and connect to the internet when they want to get news from all
over the world.
Watching news on TV and reading newspapers may still have their merits
but you cannot deny the many advantages of getting your news online. In
fact, print newspapers and TV news stations all over the world now have
their own websites where people can access news. It has even been said
that newspapers will soon become obsolete once everyone has access to the
The future of print newspapers may not be clear but the same thing cannot
be said about the future of online news portals.
• Subscribing to news portals
Some newspapers, like the Financial Times in the UK, are now charging their
customers for news subscription. If you want to get unlimited access to their
news portal, you only need to pay $3.59 per week. You can still read 10
articles every month for free if you do not want to pay the fee. However,
charging for online subscriptions may not work for newspapers that offer
objective news reports.
Look at it this way. People who read the Financial Times are willing to pay a
fee to get useful financial news which can help them make smart decisions
when it comes to investing their money. They are willing to pay because
they are expecting to get something in return. On the other hand,
newspapers that offer objective current events only keep people informed
and there are many websites that offer the same objective news for free.
• People who read newspapers continue to shrink in number
There are only three kinds of people who read the newspaper—people who
do not have access to computers, people who do not want to stare at
computer screens for long periods of time, and people who do not know how
to operate computers. Before, the easiest option to get news is to have a newspaper delivered at your doorstep. This is no longer the easiest, not to
mention cheapest, option when the internet entered the scene.
• Finding a niche
If you want to thrive in this era where free information is easily accessible,
you should find a niche or create one where you will dominate. Take the
Financial Times for instance. They dominate a niche, and that is providing up
to date financial news content and information to their subscribers, which
makes it okay for them to charge their subscribers. You should find or create
a niche that has not been filled up before if you want your news portal to
succeed. However, be sure to create a niche that many people are interested
in. Do not try to fill in a niche that people do not really care about, such as
taking care of slugs or something.
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