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Rescooped by Dirk Franssens from The MarTech Digest!

How to Choose the Best Conversion Optimization Software - TopRank

How to Choose the Best Conversion Optimization Software - TopRank | Online persuasion |
Conversion rate optimization software helps automate processes and make sense of data as marketers work to maximize the value of their site traffic.




Optimizely and Visual Website Optimizer are two examples of split-testing and multivariate testing software with a simple UI and no coding knowledge required. These are typically as easy to add to your site as Google Analytics code. You don’t need to actually create two (or more) versions of a page and run them against one another; your testing software will render a variation of your page in the user’s browser – there’s no IT involvement required. Visual Website Optimizer has a range of additional features including usability testing, revenue tracking and behavioral targeting, as well.


In general, you need to consider:

Ease of use. Look for a WYSIWYG interface, custom reporting against goals metrics, and code view if you’re more advanced.Conversion goals setting and tracking. Find a solution that allows you to establish and track multiple goals.Ability to test multiple pages at a time.Segmentation and personalization. You may want to test changes that would affect all site users, or only a select group.Integration with your analytics, lead capture, or other software.
Via CYDigital
CYDigital's curator insight, May 8, 2013 9:15 AM

As we have often said, start small. Go A/B, and limit yourself to a few variables. You'll find that over time you will gradually improve the results from your digital properties. Once you become proficient (and you have a process in place), then consider MVT.

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Interesting and insightful article

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Dumb Move: Nutella Issues Cease And Desist Order Against Its Biggest Fan

Dumb Move: Nutella Issues Cease And Desist Order Against Its Biggest Fan | Online persuasion |

"Nutella...more nuts in company management than in every jar."

Via Karl Wabst
Dirk Franssens's insight:

Nutella heeft #wordofmouth marketing nog niet helemaal begrepen :-)

Karl Wabst's curator insight, May 21, 2013 6:02 PM

Maybe they don't have the internet in Italy?