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Bill payments can really be troublesome when you are out of town on a business meet or have a hard-pressed schedule at work. Paying bills at the local drop box may not always be convenient. For those with more than one connection meeting the billing cycle and avoiding fines can be quite a nightmare. There is however, a solution to all these problems in the manner of online portals which allow secure payments of your bills to a variety of service providers. Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Aircel, BSNL, Uninor are all part of the exhaustive list which features all the major service providers in India.

From debit card, to credit card and net banking, all common modes of payment can be accessed on these portals. Whether it is your Idea mobile or your Airtel mobile bill payment (https://www.talktym.com/airtel-online-mobile-bill-payment.php)  they prize on their accessibility and ease of use to customers. This essentially means that it caters as much to the tech savvy youth, and the twitter active middle aged man as to the occasional computer using sexagenarian. The e–wallet service allows you to keep a certain amount of money into your electronic wallet for future use. This feature further reduces the time you spend in making payments, keying in card details and verifying the same.

Most of these companies realize that even though online transactions are catching up, in India it is still in a nascent stage. With the number of internet banking customers set to increase these online portals may soon become the talk of the town. One may see tie ups between these online payment gateways and service providers in the near future. These have also incorporated something similar to the lines of gift certificates in the manner of gift recharge which can be presented to your near and dear ones to recharge their connections.

This can then be used to purchase a recharge of the fixed amount through the website. There is also the fact that one earns loyalty bonus points each time they use these websites to make their mobile bill payments. This means that one can earn bonuses while sitting at home paying their bills. Many of these websites also have one click recharge systems which swiftly process your recharge on the go. The information stored on these websites is completely secure.

Therefore online payment of mobile bills is the new age wizard which promised to save your added expenses due to late payments but also earns you loyalty bonuses. They can be accessed on the go from your Smartphone, tablet or laptop. Many of these websites also accepts electricity bills, gas bills as well as cable DTH bills. Therefore these are more like a one stop solution where all your monthly bill payments can be met under one roof. Bill payments were certainly never this easier. However, customers must remember that payment through these online portals can be made as long as it is still within the normal payment period. Beyond which the websites cannot process bill payments with late payment charges. For every other billing needs one can easily access these websites.
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Tanmay Gaikwad is an author of this article. Through his article you get to know about how to go through fast and secure online mobile bill payment. Website like https://www.talktym.com comes forward to provide easy online bill payments for various network operators such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Tata Indicom etc.