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90 Percent of Small Businesses Use Social Media

90 Percent of Small Businesses Use Social Media | Online Marketing & Music |

A survey of 600 small business owners across the United States indicates that 90% are actively engaged in social networking sites and 74% perceive social networking as valuable — if not more valuable — than networking in-person.When 42% of owners...

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Scooped by Mike Jeffs!

52 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed

52 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed | Online Marketing & Music |
Catch up on the latest digital media resources with our weekly features roundup.


Between the anniversary of 9/11, the attacks on U.S. embassies in the Middle East and the political sparring match that ensued, it was a tumultuous week. At least the weather was nice, right?


It was an incredibly busy week in the tech world, so you may have missed some important stuff if you weren’t paying close attention. Apple announced the impending release of the iPhone 5, a new version of iTunes, upgrades to the iPod Touch and Nano lines and even a redesign of the now-iconic earbuds.


Feeling overwhelmed? Fear not because even if you didn’t have time to follow along, we were all over it.


This recap includes everything you need to know about those new Apple products, along with some outside-the-box suggestions for what to do with your old iPhone if you choose to upgrade.


Although it was a tech-heavy week, that’s not all we covered. New fields of study are emerging in this increasingly digital world, so we found 10 college courses that didn’t exist 20 years ago. And although it’s not a college course, you might finally be able to beat your movie buff friends and family in that Kevin Bacon game, thanks to a new Google search tool.


Check out this week’s features roundup.

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