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Stand in the shoes of your social fans

Stand in the shoes of your social fans | online marketing |
Bùi Hoài Nam's insight:

According to the CMO survey, in the next five years the budget for social media marketing will increase from 8% to 22%. This report represents the new trend for marketer in their effort to engage closely to their fans. In fact, it is going to be a cornerstone for an effective marketing strategy in a very short timeframe. Therefore, understand types of social fans is very essential for every digital marketers all over the worlds. There are seven basic types of fans that you shoud take your eyes in and connect with.


1.  The Quiet follower:

They scroll their feeds until they see something attract to them, and your  interesting feeds may be the reason they want to take an eyes in. However, it 's very difficult to engage with these fans because they maybe not your fans and sometimes they like your feeds because their friends do that. Therefore, to call them for action with your brand you should prepare a good content including your images, your videos, polls and stories. Make you visible to your audience because more than 50% of facebook updates are images.


2. The Casual Liker

These persons reponse randomly to your posts. They connect with your brands base on the previous buying experiences or they just want to share some informative knowledge with their friends and they are really a potential source to boost your brand in the community. Therefore, if you have a creative and useful posts, you can make these types of customers become your loyal fans. Let's make them become your brand speaker because more than 70% trust brand or product recommendation from friends.


3. The Deal Seekers

To deal with these fans, the "win-win" option will be always the most effective way, " you scratch my back and I scratch yours". As these fans are deal hunters and they care the recieved value more than loyalty, the big sales -off program will always drive the traffic to your social media channels and also increase your sales volumes. Let's make your promotion spread so far by these fans because more than 49% of them follow the brand pages for  deals, promotion and specials.


4. The unhappy customers


Tackling problems with cutomer who irritates with your brands requires a huge efforts of marketers. They must control the bad rumors around their brand by taking an eyes on every channels talking about their business. Make a quick reponse to every comments in maximum 1 hours because that is what your customers expect you to do. If essential, diluting the bad comments in a creative and reasonable ways. 


5.The ranter


These people may be not your customers, but they want to yell something, and  they choose your brand randomly as the debating topic on social media. This is a very sensitive issue and you need to be flexible in dealing with them. Instead of debating or fighting with them on social media, you should have a cool head and only reponse to the issue relating to your business. Avoid fueling the conversation because it may flame as a "troll" topic for social community.


6. The Cheer Leader


Let's make a party if you have these fans on your community because they make your site become more dynamic and attractive. If you are smart in cheering these customers you will get more leads and your brand will be built in special and natural ways. So, let's attract the cool head to you social pool. 


7.The loyal Fan


This is your precious asset, so let store and grow it. The loyal fans will stand by your brand and protect you against angry social fans. They love you unconditionally and will invite their family and friends become your fans. Therefore, you should appreciate and nurture these customers by rewarding them and offering a good content on your social media.


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