Online Identity Theft
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Online Identity Theft
what is online identity theft?
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How to Prevent online theft

Watch out for Scam Websites: don’t go to websites you’re not familiar with.

 Use an Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Program: this will not allow viruses to get on your
Laptop, PC, Nett Book, or Desktop.

You should use unique passwords for every
website: don’t have easy passwords for your accounts, or a password that
someone can guess.

Shop only at Reputable the websites Websites: if you never heard (or not familiar) of thewebsite your purchasing think twice.

 Secure your wireless network: make sure your wifi is secured so not just anyone can get on it.

Only Download Software from Reputable Sources: if you’re not familiar with the
website you’re downloading from don’t download it until you become more
familiar with the website.

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Scooped by Marissa Escamilla-Flores!

What is online & identity theft?

What is online & identity theft? | Online Identity Theft |

Online theft is when your online banks accounts are
being hacked into and stolen from. Such as the thieves are stealing your money,
or buying things with your account numbers. Identity theft is a fraud where
someone pretends to be somebody else.

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This is a simply and easy-to-understand differentiation between Online theft and Identity theft.

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Basic definition on what online identity and identity theft is. This will be good for people who haven't heard of the topic before.