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Rescooped by Jodi Ann from The Best Of Web 2.0!

100 Essential Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers

100 Essential Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers | Online Educational Resources |

There are new web 2.0 tools appearing every day. Although some of these tools were not originally meant for use in the classroom, they can be extremely effective learning tools for today’s technology geared students and their venturesome teachers.

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Rescooped by Jodi Ann from Digital Media Literacy + Cyber Arts + Performance Centers Connected to Fiber Networks!

Educators learning to evolve as technology, social media changes teaching |

Educators learning to evolve as technology, social media changes teaching | | Online Educational Resources |

Wayne Leavey describes today’s students as “digital natives” – a clan of young learners who have grown up on Facebook; smartphones all but physically adhered to their hands.


The principal at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) labels his adult generation as “digital immigrants,” and has to remind himself that these students are not aware of the old-school style of education – the one where 20-page essays were written with pencil and paper.


He also believes that this is why educators need to evolve as technology and social media change the way students learn.


A study released Tuesday by U.S.-based Internet trends surveyor Pew Internet found that while teachers say digital tools are positively affecting students writing by encouraging collaboration and creativity, the informal writing found on social media sites has crept in to written work.


The study found that 68 per cent of teachers felt that digital tools make students more likely to take short cuts and not put effort into their writing.


Teachers also expressed concerns that lax grammar and abbreviations like ‘BTW’ (by the way), commonly used on social networking sites, were appearing in school work.


But, Leavey believes that while proper grammar and punctuation should be used in formal essays and written work, it’s important for educators to evolve their teaching styles to include tech-speech due to its prevalence in today’s society.


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Integrating technology in to adult education

Integrating technology into Adult Education--why, how, and what.

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Fantastic find! Nell is terrific!

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History of Educational Technology

Brief look at educational technology....

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