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Story as a catalyst for meaning & purpose.


In sum, phenomenal states (qualia) have various contextual operations that give the readers of stories or participants in stories special meaning and purpose. You'll notice that the temporal and ethereal states are designated as "intangibles"; I've done this mainly to show that time and attention are fleeting in a media environment that is constantly outpaced by technological and cultural acceleration.

Hence the reason why stories are so important: They literally transcend the channels and the forms through which they are distributed

Stories are "all-consciousness" explained.

Ultimately, I believe that stories and experience design actually go beyond consciousness and into the realm of "all-consciousness"; the idea that stories and their respective experiences give us a contextually rich palette with which to explore our roles in society, but also to inform, reflexively, the values associated with those roles as we evolve as individuals and socially connected networks.

Just imagine the impact that this can and will have on domains like big data, or product development, or governmental policy formation, or even venture investment. Think about this impact on open innovation.

I also believe that this is a linchpin for the collective intelligence movement; namely, that actions sparked by stories and emergent storytelling practices are the real drivers for social change, at a time in our history where operating context and critical thinking are greatly challenged, and are often deemed too complex to make important decisions in a timely manner.

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How do you use storytelling in this way? Or, how would you like to use it in this way?

My upcoming book with Brendan Howley and Sasha Grujicic will explore these possibilities in great detail, which includes a central use case that demonstrates how applied methods can revitalize whole economies, at scale."

Gunther Sonnenfeld

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