Trawex Technologies reduces the technology break by offering an excellent, affordable and user-friendly and uncomplicated platform to create, reserve, handle, integrate and distribute travel products. Take your property's reservation and occupancy rates to new levels with Trawex Reservation - the fully programmed online Hotel Reservation Software from Trawex Technologies. Using proven Internet technologies, state of the art development tools and hosting facilities, Trawex Technologies has enabled travel companies to build a competitive benefit at a fraction of the cost of conventional solutions. Online booking engine performance ability is mainly based on reservation software components of our GP Travel Platform.  At the heart of Trawex Reservation is the leading edge online reservation engine, which not only makes easier web-based booking and reservation management for your travel services, but also provides you in-depth details of the revenue generated by your property through different channels. Easy to implement and handle, Trawex Reservation is a complete hotel reservation management module that integrates effortlessly into your website and lets you maintain details of all your guests. System settings and properties are adjusted to reflect the particular needs of each clients. In our works you can see examples of solutions developed based on functionality of GP Travel Platform.