How Do We Teach Critical Thinking in a Connected World? | Powerful Learning Practice | one-to-one teaching and learning environment |

"As a child, I grew up in a world that was dominated by left-brained thinking. Both my parents were in professions that required in-depth analytical thinking. The “rule” in my house was: “If you break something, try to fix it. Only THEN come ask Dad for help.”
Looking back now, I realize something I never understood then — what he had instilled was an ability to think critically. Along with creativity, collaboration, and communication, critical thinking is one of the four components of learning in the 21st century. Unlike the other three, critical thinking is often difficult to reduce to bite-size pieces of understanding and challenging to teach to others."

Read on for an example of teaching critical thinking with a first grade class as well as a look at 3 underlying components to critical thinking.

Via Beth Dichter, Gordon Dahlby