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Woman shuts herself in car in dispute with bailiffs in Purley

Woman shuts herself in car in dispute with bailiffs in Purley | on-line marketing | Scoop.it
A WOMAN shut herself in her car in a stand-off with men who appeared to be bailiffs in Purley this morning. Police were called reports of an "ongoing altercation" on Glenn Avenue today at...
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How To Manage Your Web-Life Balance

How To Manage Your Web-Life Balance | on-line marketing | Scoop.it

In theory, technology should increase both work flexibility and productivity, but it is also responsible for procrastination and a major threat to people’s work-life balance.

In fact, much of the recent debate about work-life imbalance is concerned with our relationship with technology, in particular our inability to disconnect or go offline.

For example, in the U.S. almost 50% of working adults report being “hooked” on email, which is estimated to cost the nation's economy at least $900 billion a year in productivity loss. According to consulting firm McKinsey & Company, professionals spend 28% of their work time reading or answering emails. These statistics explain the international success of bestselling books like The Four Hour Work Week.

Via The Learning Factor
Simon Cripps's insight:

We have a perfect web-life balance. When not online we are talking about being online.

The Learning Factor's curator insight, July 28, 2014 2:15 AM

Do your Internet habits hold you back, or help you succeed?

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How to Make a Landing Page That C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S. - Tips and Examples | KISSmetrics

How to Make a Landing Page That C.O.N.V.E.R.T.S. - Tips and Examples | KISSmetrics | on-line marketing | Scoop.it

Excerpted from article:
"If you don’t have a good landing page, it’s like going fishing without a net: you might land a big one on your hook, but you won’t be able to drag it into the boat.

You don’t want people to just visit your page. You want them to take action once they are there. So make it as easy and compelling as possible for them by including these elements found in a landing page that CONVERTS:

C = Clear Call to Action
O = Offer
N = Narrow Focus
V = VIA: Very Important Attributes
E = Effective Headline
R = Resolution-Savvy Layout
T = Tidy Visuals
S = Social Proof

Whatever it is you’ve decided will move people further along your conversion funnel. That’s what you should be asking them, clearly and temptingly, to do. Don’t distract them with lots of other requests. The best pages accentuate only one CTA.

An offer is anything you give your visitors in exchange for getting them to do what you want. This can mean offers in the traditional sense of coupons or discounts, but it also can mean a free trial, a free version of the product, a whitepaper, or a matching gift.

Research has shown that the more choices you offer people, the longer they take to make a decision. So the clearer and simpler you make your page, the more likely you are to get someone to take the action you want.
- Do you really need that navigation bar?
- Do you really need to talk about your company philosophy?
- Do you really need to collect all that information?

We’ve all heard stories of companies that reserved a catchy URL, put up zero information about what the site was for, and harvested 1 million email addresses before they even launched.
You should assume that’s not going to happen to your company.
Instead, you’re going to have to give visitors some good reasons they should do what you want. Those reasons are the VIA: Very Important Attributes.

People coming to your site are going to decide in a split second if they want to go back to their game of “Words with Friends” or stay and see what you are all about. A key way to keep them is to tell them in plain language what your site is all about.

Do you know that there are people out there still surfing the web on 800 x 600 monitors?
Keep the most essential parts of your message – logo, headline, call to action, a supporting visual – in the center top of the screen, with supporting messaging lower down on the page.

As with the headline, distracting elements can work when you’re trying to get attention. But when people are on your site, you don’t want to sidetrack them with a bunch of visual junk.

As social creatures, humans tend to place greater value on things that other people have already approved. That is why most sites will tend to display evidence of such social validation."

In the original article there are more information about: "Considerations for strategy", "Considerations for design", "The cautionary tale", "Doing it right" and some examples. Check out full interesting article here:

Via Giuseppe Mauriello
Simon Cripps's insight:

Great Acronym for making people convert to sales (or leads) on your site. Keep it simple Stupid ! KISS is always another

Jon Turino's curator insight, March 5, 2013 6:22 PM

Nice article. Thanks Guiseppe.

Simon Cripps's comment, March 11, 2013 4:33 PM
Keep it simple, nice points to build into a site
YvonneFinn's curator insight, March 19, 2013 8:42 AM

Useful tips that bear repeating often even though they should be well known to all marketers.
The "call to action" can make a big difference in a successful marketing effort.

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Updating a Facebook Fanpage - Smart Cow

Simon Cripps's insight:

Facebook page updates are easy when you know how, but can be difficult for some if you don't

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Surviving a Design: What to Consider When Launching Your Website - Business Insider

Surviving a Design: What to Consider When Launching Your Website - Business Insider | on-line marketing | Scoop.it
Surviving a Design: What to Consider When Launching Your Website
Business Insider
In this era of technology, a business's online presence is vital.
Simon Cripps's insight:

whilst having your site redesigned, relax. And smell the roses.

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