Where Is Your Impatience Placed? | On becoming a great executive coach | Scoop.it

Where do you focus your impatience? Is it focused on your important things in life? Our life needs the right balance to keep our pace and stride focused.


Dividing our patience and impatience between unimportant and important life and leadership activities delivers a better view for us to absorb.


Routine – There are unimportant activities we need to do. In terms of life direction, they are the functional things we need to do, and we do them with a patient everyday mindset.


Release – These are the frustration points that unexpectedly land in our path. We need to take a more mindful approach to resolved them, breathing in and letting the impatience flow from our thoughts and actions. We cannot let them trip us up and get us off track.


Pace – For some of our important activities, we get riled up. We need to remember to put one foot in front of another. It is about movement, not just motion. It is about consistency of work and effort to achieve our goals and purpose. Scurrying around tires us out; consistent action delivers better results.


Stride – Life is a balance. We cannot become too patient in achieving our life purpose, as life may just pass us by. For the important things in our life, we need to gain and maintain our stride.



Via ThinDifference, Ariana Amorim