Mobile marketing matters now if for no other reason than your company, brand or product can't miss another marketing revolution.


Here is why:


• Email
• Intimacy
• Darwin
• Emotion
• Influencers
• Social
• Network Effect
• iPad and Flipboard and Zite


Here is one thing that caught my attention:



Mobile phones are friends, the new time keepers, wallets (the new picture keepers) and an always on connection most never break (believe me I’ve tried)


If such an intimate connection is grudgingly true for my generation it is axiomatic for the next generation and a forgone conclusion for the one after that. Watch your children’s behaviors or try to take their cells and please film reactions.


Mobile marketing is more intimate than email or social network marketing. Increased intimacy means different stories, graphics and navigation (at least).


Can your company, no matter what business you inhibit, afford to seed another marketing tsunami?


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