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This piece was written by Sam Laird for Mashable

"Young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are more connected to their mobile devices and open to mobile marketing than you might think".


Here are some highlights from this article:


Brands need to be careful about how they target those mobile users and how much knowledge they reveal about them.


**Nine in 10 young adults 18-24 spend between one and five hours on their mobile devices daily.


**Nearly one in 10, meanwhile, are on their gadgets between five and ten hours each day.


**Just under a third would actually like for brands to send them promotions via smarthphone and tablet, but more than half say that it’s “extremely important” to be able to opt out of such come-ons.


**While 30% of survey respondents said they want offers to be located nearby, two-thirds said they don’t want brands knowing their whereabouts.


**More than half worry about their credit card information being stolen, and nearly half fret the risk of signing up for fake websites.


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