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The major point i'd like to make is right off - DRIVE THE CAR as much as possible!!

Even if it is rare (this TVR is) and you're afraid some bozo will hit you, most likely you'll be just fine. 

Parking is a problem, so avoid being next to anyone - especially big SUVs...

People driving SUV's or larger vehicles are doing so (strongly held opinion here) are not all that concerned with other vehicles bothering them, mostly due to their sheer GIRTH. 

If you own a little low sports car, and you park next to one of these behemoths - you will get a nice gouge in your paint very high up on your car - are you picking up on the fact i can't stand these things??? it's a matter of attitude - i'm guessing, but most of the time, owners of these beasts treat others with utter disdain!

If i've offended anyone - well, hmmm, sorry?? (not really, dude)

Thanks for reading this, and feel free to chime in anytime!

please post pics of old british (roadsters especially) you own or would love to own.