Bryan Lenett Finalizes Sale of MediaPal, Inc
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Bryan Lenett Finalizes Sale of MediaPal, Inc
Bryan Lenett is proud to announce the closing of an acquisition agreement between MediaPal, Inc., which he founded in 2004, and Veridigm, Inc. The acquisition by Veridigm marks the company’s commitment to strategic planning and offering direct-to-consumer solutions for the entertainment industry. The terms of the agreement are confidential. When Bryan Lenett founded MediaPal, Inc. in 2004, it was his goal to create the best digital and mobile Content Management System possible. MediaPal was designed to manage online content, monitor sales, improve publishing, and provide other promotional tools. Because of his experience as an internet entrepreneur, Bryan Lenett was able to design a CMS platform through MediaPal that effectively met the needs of businesses everywhere, especially those in the entertainment and media industries. Bryan Lenett designed MediaPal to help major record labels, distributers, online platforms, and independent labels and producers. The acquisition of MediaPal by Veridigm will allow the company to expand its influence in digital media and its related markets. The direct-to-consumer feature allows clients to reach directly to potential customers, removing any barriers to entry. The CMS platform is designed to guide and analyze every aspect of the consumer’s actions until purchase. This ensures that companies not only fulfill product management, but also maintain excellent levels of customer service. Bryan Lenett worked to ensure that MediaPal maintained flexibility, allowing owners to use the CMS platform exactly how their business needs it. This allows the user to maintain branding and control distribution factors. Whether a major label or an independent producer is using it, Bryan Lenett assures clients that MediaPal’s functions are holistic. As an Anglo-American investment company dedicated to managerial success, the acquisition of MediaPal is a strategic move designed to achieve the company’s overarching mission. Effective content management services and portable distribution features make MediaPal one of the most notable CMS platforms in the country and is the premier solution for direct-to-consumer management. As the deal is finalized, Bryan Lenett intends to continue working on projects as an internet entrepreneur, creating websites and companies that specifically enhance the needs of business owners and other entrepreneurs everywhere. As the digital world continues to evolve, Bryan Lenett looks forward to a lifelong career of technical excellence.
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