Keep Your Eyes on Oil and Gas Commodities | oil and gas in Dallas |
Be smart. Stop watching what everyone else is watching and keep your eyes on oil and copper -- and gold. They will be where the money is made over the next several years.

The continued rise of commodities as an asset class represents a sea change that increases in speed, one that I outlined in my book "Oil's Endless Bid," and it will yield some of the most powerful investment opportunities and deepest, most consistent trends for the next decade and beyond.

Of course what happens in Greece and Spain will matter over the short term, but the largest question we have to answer as investors is how to keep our money growing and ready for the next trend, wherever we may find it. Pouring cash into US 10-year Treasuries and German Bunds is so obviously not the answer, yet it is the trade that is getting virtually all of the press and interest.