Common Safety issues in the Construction Industry
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Avoiding Construction Site Hazards

Avoiding Construction Site Hazards | Common Safety issues in the Construction Industry |

The Construction Industry is one of the most hazardous industries to work in the United State. With over 6.5 million people working at construction site it is of course one of the largest and biggest industries in the United States. This Construction Industry has all sorts of hazards lurking in virtually every area.

This has caused the construction industry to pay a major premium in health insurance. Occupational Safety is a major concern at all construction sites. Major education and training programs are underway all over the country. This has lead to a large reduction in work related injuries. Construction safety is a primary concern of all construction companies.  

The most injuries are caused by falls. Falls can occur from any number of areas in a construction site. Ladders alone will account for over 24,000 injuries and about 36 fatalities a year. To combat this construction companies must make sure the people who use the ladder are competent and that the ladder is long enough for the task. Falls and other injuries can also occur when workers use a scaffold. Scaffolds must be secure and sturdy. The scaffold must be able to carry a minimum of 4 times its intended use. Scaffold related injuries number about 4500 and nearly 50 fatalities a year.

 The stair way may seem safe but accidents occur here in great numbers as well. Construction companies need to keep the stairways free of objects and clean up any spills and try and keep the area dry. Construction site are full of trenches and other low-lying hazards. With trenches causing dozens of fatalities and hundreds of injuries construction companies have come up some standards to avoid unnecessary accidents. Workers should never enter unprotected trenches. Wear protect gear and beware.

Another type of hazard for the construction worker is being struck by something. Construction site have people and equipment moving about all the time. Construction sites are beehive of movement of men and material. Cranes both great and small are on construction sites moving supplies, tearing down objects and in general just a swinging mass of injury waiting to happen. Bulldozers are needed to move earth and material all over the place. Trucks of all types habit the construction site. Injury by trucks is the most common struck by injury. These behemoths must keep moving to keep the construction project on time. Forklifts run a close second, as it is difficult to see around the objects being lifted.

While there are still many more hazards in the construction industry these are the greatest and most common causes of both injuries and fatalities in the construction industry. Construction companies and Local, State and federal governments have worked together to reduce the likely hood of injuries and fatalities at a construction site. It is a great deal of work but all agree the effort that has been made is well worth the investment. It takes time to learn the trade and avoid the hazards but education and training will reduce and prevent more injuries than anything else.



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Dylan's insight:

Hazards in a construction site are always going to be there, it is an unfortunate however inevitable factor. This article explains that you are going to face certain hazards on a construction site and gives an insight on how to control them, specifically fall hazards, and being struck by something; which in their opinion are two of the most important and critical hazards faced on a construction site.


Falls on a construction site are usually easily controlled, however this hazard is commonly overlooked as it is such a simple task, for example climbing a ladder. According to this article, ladder accidents alone are accountable for 24000 injuries a year. There is really only a couple ways to tackle such an issue, and that is to only allow competent and trained workers to attempt such a task. basically, if you do not know what your doing, do not do it. Yes, there is always a first time for everything, nut before that happens you need to make sure you are trained in the area. Also, you just need to take more care in what you do, most mistakes occur because of silly errors which are usually caused by misconception of the task, defined by the workers opinion. 


Falling objects in a construction site is another highly disregarded hazard, weather an object is in motion purposely, or by accident, it is a serious injury and can be life threatening. As explained in the article heavy machinery is always going to be moving on a construction site, bulldozers moving ground, cranes movies material and objects cross site, this is always going to be a major hazard in the construction site. The only way to control this is to be careful and aware, not only of your own actions but others around you. 



Jennifer Winget's curator insight, November 7, 2013 4:17 AM

Construction site hazards abound but with proper training, education and equipment injuries and death can be greatly reduced. The industry and the government have worked together to reduce the number of injuries seen at construction site.

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Road Construction causes Road Hazards

Road Construction causes Road Hazards | Common Safety issues in the Construction Industry |
If you’re a resident of Florida, the sight of construction signs and work zones along roadways has probably become all too familiar.  Here in the Tampa Bay area “Pray for Me, I Drive on U.S.

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Dylan's insight:

The author of this article not only identifies the risks that the construction workers face, however also pedestrians. Certified construction workers way be the only people allowed on an active construction site, however construction can be based in densely populated areas with bystanders within feet form the site; who also face certain risks and hazard. 


In this article the author describes the risks and hazards faced on a road construction site; stating that 'Road Construction causes Road Hazards". Unless construction is on an unopened/ unused road, Roadworks almost certainly involved pedestrians, hence the use of a 'Crossing Guard'. A crossing guard helps direct traffic, indicating directions, speed and weather to stop or go; however this does not eliminate all hazards. Most of hazard control is up to the drivers/ pedestrians. 


Just like normal road rules, to avoid having an accident during Roadworks, the  Florida Department of Transportation recommends

that drivers refrain from distractions, such as cell phones, tailgating, changing lanes in a work zone; basically just using common sense when driving.

Matthew A. Dolman's curator insight, October 26, 2013 9:36 PM

Road work and construction is an essential part of keeping roads safe and free from excessive traffic.  Unfortunately, while construction is in progress, roads often become more hazardous for drivers.  Work zones sometimes have inadequate or incorrect signage and this can cause serious accidents.  Furthermore, a poorly maintained work zone with machinery or debris in the roadway is another potential hazard drivers face.  These potential risks combined with careless or distracted drivers make work zones especially dangerous. 

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 87,000 work zone crashes occurred in 2010 alone, with 580 resulting in fatalities.  This equates to roughly 1.6 deaths per day in the U.S. as a result of work zone accidents.  Texas, Georgia, California and Florida ranked as the four states with most motor vehicle crash fatalities in work zones – each with at least 40 such occurrences.  Florida also ranked in the top three states for the most worker deaths in work zones.  In seventy percent of these occurrences a pedestrian worker was struck by a vehicle. 

(click on the article to learn more)

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Top 6 Construction Site Hazards - Safety and Risk Management

Top 6 Construction Site Hazards - Safety and Risk Management | Common Safety issues in the Construction Industry |
Top 6 Construction Site Hazards! By Christopher M. Hunter Construction sites are considered the most potentially hazardous and accident-prone parts of any working environment.

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Dylan's insight:

This article not only addresses my number 1 issue for Aaron in the construction issue, the falling hazard, however also touches on a couple of the other issues that Aaron has to deal with, including electrical and equipment hazards. 


The article explains that falling hazards make up 50% of accidents that occur on a construction site, this number is far too high considering that all construction workers must undergo a fall protection program which ensures workers are trained to identify and control fall hazards and aware of how to control exposure to these risks. 

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How many safety violations can you find in this construction site? #HazardSpotting - MySafetySign Blog

How many safety violations can you find in this construction site? #HazardSpotting - MySafetySign Blog | Common Safety issues in the Construction Industry |
Large-scale construction sites create large-scale safety hazards. In this week's #HazardSpotting, we zoom in and find lots of common problems. (How many safety violations can you find in this construction site?

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Dylan's insight:

This article identifies certain zones within an active construction site, pointing out each hazard in the selected zone and discusses the hazard in detail. The author identified and breaks down ever single hazard seen in this construction site; from trip hazards to insecure pipes.


One of the major hazards pointed out are the lack of and misuse of PPE by the construction workers. In one of the photos of the article you can clearly see that one of the workers are wearing their hardhat backwards, this might make him look 'cool' to his friends however the dangers this act of selflessness presents for him can be life threatening. 


This construction sight is an accident waiting to happen, there are potentially critical hazards in every section and 1 minor mistake by 1 person could lead to a major disaster affecting hundreds. This article not so much offers methods of hazard prevention however exposes certain hazards that some people thought didn't exist, providing an insight t into unsafe construction sights, which is another way of preventing these risks of a hazard occurring. 

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SAVING LIVES ON CONSTRUCTION SITES BY REDUCING HAZARDS (GUEST POST) | Common Safety issues in the Construction Industry |
In order to keep the staff and management safe on construction sites, it is important that both parties participate in the proper safety standards and regulations.
Dylan's insight:

This article provides us with multiple tips or methods which can be used to prevent and control certain hazards on a construction site; all of which are necessary and in some cases compulsory for a construction worker. 

The first topic mentioned is employee training; this is supposed to be mandatory when employed within a construction company, however is commonly overlooked and disregarded as employers assume that anybody can do the work required, as explained in the article. This however is not true; construction jobs require equipment knowledge, and previous experience in order to  complete a task correctly. 


The author then touches on other critical hazards commonly found on a construction site, including loose wires, equipment, and correct uniform. All of which have the potential to be presented as an issue on a construction site, however can be much easily managed than an untrained employee posing multiple threats not only to himself however other employees around him. 



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Common issues in the Workplace

Common issues in the Workplace | Common Safety issues in the Construction Industry |
Dylan's insight:

This is Aaron, an apprentice bricklayer working for a large construction industry. As you can see in the picture below, Aaron is doing his best to abide by all workplace health and safety rules and regulations within the construction industry; although a hardhat and high visibility vest may assist in diminishing or managing certain hazards, they may not be able to protect him from others.

The main safety issue i believe exists in Aarons industry, is working at heights, which also ties in with falling objects/ tools. 


however there are other hazards and issues which i believe are just as important, however don't occur as frequently in most cases. These can include however are not limited to: electrical, tools/ equipment, manual tasks, noise, hazardous substances, lack of PPE, sun protection. and occupational stress and violence. 

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