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"Pearson, a major textbook publisher, continued its push into digital education on Monday by introducing a service that allows instructors to create e-textbooks using open-access content and Pearson material.

A beta version called Project Blue Sky will begin in the spring with the help of Gooru, a nonprofit search engine. When an instructor enters keywords for the subject he or she is teaching, the system sends back a list of Pearson content, free educational content, and material from other commercial providers."



Most interesting about this article is the comments section below the article

A sample:

"This looks like an attempt to contain the urge that many of us feel to try DIY eTextbook making as a way to address the high, inelastic pricing of textbooks, digital and otherwise." Frank Lowney


"Aptly named, "Project Blue Sky", because nobody will ever use it; Pearson reps won't sell it; and, yet another cynical use of "open" by certain publishers (like OpenClass, which lies dormant) to make it look as if Pearson is helping students save money..What Project Blue Sky is probably going after is part of the grant money that will ooze out of places like California's recent decision to include for-profit bidders on funds" rwejd


"I just have two questions. Will the e-books be accessible to students with disabilities? Will the Pearson content be accessible? If My___Labs are any indicator, they probably won't be. " karen_sorensen


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