Daily Show’s John Oliver asks protesters, ‘Am I the man?’ | #OccupyWallstreet | Scoop.it

Comedy Central’s John Oliver wanted to join the Occupy Wall Street movement, but after visiting Zuccotti Park this week, he found that he just didn’t fit in.

“We’re fighting the man,” several protesters in Guy Fawkes masks explained to Oliver.

“Am I the man?” Oliver worried. “Because you’re making me feel like the man.”

“You have a suit,” one protester noted.

The Daily Show correspondent was also disturbed by the system of hand signals demonstrators used to communicate.

“You can’t just make up gestures!” Oliver explained. “Because clapping already exist.”

Still not feeling like he fit in, Oliver went to a local bar to visit “the 98 percent of Americans who might agree with the protesters message if it were not for the protesters themselves.”

“The do have a point,” one patron remarked.

“I sympathize with them as well,” another woman agreed. “When one percent has so much money and the other 99 percent doesn’t, it just doesn’t seem right.”