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Obama was never on the Senate Banking Committee. As with a thousand other things, the press buried this fatal story about their messiah.



The lies just keep piling up around the current "Occupy The White House" Leader.

Many have claimed that this salesman is a Socialist of a new kind. Something different, something that We have never seen before.

Be that as it may, while certain people are worried about finding a label for Our current 'Occupier', it is safe to say that His policies are not good for anyone in the USA or abroad who enjoys freedom and capitalism.

If one looks and sifts through all the conspriacy reports out there, some are just way to absurd for anyone to endorse. Yet there is strong evidence to support that at the least this 'Occupier' has been less then truthfull and forthcoming about his past actions, as well as associations.


It is clear to all, that something stinks in the White House and it isn't what's for dinner.

Something isn't quite right with his agenda this is a fact.

The fat, big 'RED' pill of his 'Hope and Change' platform has left a choking and bitter taste in most American's mouths. His attitude towards Our allies has been nothing short of a 'kick to the curb' stance.

Do you recall his giving back the bust of Winston Churchill to the British?

What a slap in the face that was! Oh, how soon we all forget.

It is time that the Left's Annointed Occupier find a new residence as well as a new job, cause frankly his leadership skills are lacking and there is no denying that, though his supporters try.