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Support Committee Zwewla

Zwewla the trial postponed again.


Oussema Bouagila and Chahine Berriche will again have to wait until April 10th for the trial to take place.

On November 3, Gabes, two young artists of the movement "Zwewla" have tagged a wall in Gabes. Arrested for this, they are accused of tagging without authorization walls of public buildings, for violating the state of emergency and spreading false information prejudicial to public order such as "The poor undead in Tunisia "or other slogans on the sad life of the poor.


On 5 December, the trial court postponed to 23 January. The Court of First Instance of Gabes decide to postpone the trial group "Zwewla" at March 27, 2013 and now again April 10th.


Tunisia this week, is under the spotlight of the world media with the holding of the World Social Forum (WSF). It is in this context that March 26 was launched advocacy of WSF participants on the status of the two young taggers Zwewla during the march. From 15 pm, a group of the Support Committee met to prepare placards, signs and all materials explaining the situation. In a spirit and a peaceful approach, the group marched in music and song and also made some graffiti.


During walking, the initial group was joined by others and received encouragement and applause from the audience. Many people are interested in this case and were shocked by this process for ultimately restrict the Freedom of Expression.


We note with pleasure that all this action was relayed on social networks, Facebook and Twitter in particular interest and several journalists were brought to this action (request for information, interviews, appointments taken) encourages us and motivates us to continue the fight until the end to proceedings against Oussema Bouagila et Chahine Berriche.


The March 27, 2013

Support Committee Zwewla