Carpet Cleaning – hiring the right company | NYC carpet cleaning |
When one has carpets in one’s home or office, it is given that vacuuming and cleaning on a regular basis needs to be done. This is important for a couple of reasons – health of the occupants and extending the life of the carpet. There are quite a few carpet cleaning companies who offer specials on cleaning. Customers have to ensure that they are working with the right company and not paying extra for special procedures. How to find the right cleaning company: There are several trade associations, which form a part of the professional carpet cleaner industry. One of the important ones is the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration, which certifies cleaning companies. Cleaning companies have to meet certain criteria for proficiency and abide by a code of ethics. Consumers can check out if the company they are planning to hire is a part of this association. One other method of locating a local service provider is using the location as part of the search. For instance, using the phrase NYC carpet cleaning in search engines will return companies serving in the New York area. Other indicators to look for would be as follows: Price: The adage “if it is too good to be true, is probably is” should be considered. Companies may advertise low to get business and then tack on extra charges to make money. Legitimate companies have costs to meet like insurance, license fees, employee wages, taxes, and investment in equipment. Unbelievably low prices usually do not cover all aspects. Quality: The price of a service or product should not be the only reason to choose it. Prices that seem to be a little high are usually a reflection of business costs. It is better to pay a good price for good service. Truth in Advertising: Companies have to provide information about all the exceptions – it pays to read the fine print in advertisements to see what the price includes. It is good to get estimates in writing before getting the job done. Training and Certification: Professional cleaning companies do send their employees to be trained in the latest methods so that they can offer the best service to customers. Check on the training that an employee has undergone, before they can start the job. Experience: Check the company’s experience in the field and the kind of training and licensing they usually work with. This will indicate how proficient the employees are. References: As a customer, one should request references on previous jobs that the company has undertaken before hiring them. Checking up with the Better Business Bureau is also recommended to see if the company has good standing and how complaints, if any are resolved. Trade Associations: Professional companies take their job and services seriously and become members of trade associations to ensure that ethical and cleaning standards are being met. They also ensure that their employees get educated on cleaning methods, products, and OSHA standards to maintain indoor air quality. Look for logos of associations that the company belongs to – these should be printed on their letterhead and be displayed prominently on their website.