Sunday Garden Tour: Yellowknife, NWT | NWT News |

I have to say that going to Yellowknife, capital city of the North West Territories, has been on my wish-list for quite some time. Even though I live in central Alberta (which most Canadians erroneously think of as "the north," anyway), Yellowknife is a good 1500 kilomteters /932 miles up. Anyway you slice it, it's 20 hours of driving north.Last weekend, I got my wish, as an invited speaker at the Territorial Farmers Association's annual fall harvest event. They invited me to give two-hour slideshow and talk about my up-coming book and the various models of urban agriculture I'd seen on my travels to their members. As it turned out, I had a crowd of about 50-some food gardeners / northern farmers / interested foodies who came from various communities in the NWT.


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Ron Berezan, aka The Urban Farmer, and I piled into France Benoit's SUV and as we drove the gorgeous route from Yellowknife's downtown to Madeline Lake to this filmmaker / gardener's off-grid home cabin and greenhouse. France told me that she gets about 300 pounds of produce, a retail value of $1000 in fresh produce, from the 1000-sq foot greenhouse.