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People all over are wondering what it takes to be a good nurse, well one person that can prove that is Mrs. Lucy Reis, she has determination and perseverance to be an amazing nurse and not to look at a patient as the next “obstacle” but to look at them as a person who needs her help in getting better.
To be an RN you need to have a flexible schedule because you work all kinds of shifts as well as many hours a day. Nurses never know what kind of hours or how many hours they are going to get. You must also be a good people person because you will come in contact with lots of people in your working day. When you start out as a RN you receive up to three weeks of vacation and the shifts you are working are twelve hours.
There are many different branches of nursing there is a PSW (personal Support worker), an RPN (Registered practical nurse), RN (registered nurse), RN (EC) (registered nurse and extended class) and Advanced practicing. RN’s can perform flexible Sigmoidoscopy’s which means that they can perform a procedure used to screen for abnormalities in the lower third of the colon, and improves access to colorectal cancer. Nurses also have to follow the privacy act which states that you can not tell anyone anything about a patient you have dealt with except with doctors and other nurses you are working with for advice. To go to School to be an RN it is a university program (PhD) which could take approximately five to seven years to complete. RN’s have more freedom about where they can work, they can work in hospitals, long term care homes, the community, Public health, Palliative care, the private sector, research and education. In Ontario Nursing graduates are guaranteed 100% temporary work through the graduate nursing program. The graduate nursing program last up to seven and a half months. RN’s are currently suffering from a 78,000 RN nursing shortage and that is predicting the nursing experience. The hardest thing about being a nurse is having to tell someone family that their family member has died and whether or not they want to leave them on life support or take them off and let them pass away peacefully. A starting out salary for an RN is twenty nine dollars an hour. For a Psw the starting salary is eighteen dollars an hour, an RPN makes twenty four dollars an hour, an RN(EC) makes fourty two dollars an hour and an advanced practicing nurse makes thirty eight dollars an hour.
There are seven different codes that nurses use when they are in the hospital which are….
• Code blue means someone stopped breathing.
• Code red means there was a fire
• Code pink means a baby stopped breathing
• Code black means that there is a bomb threat.
• Code yellow means there is a missing person
• Code brown means that there is a chemical spill.
• Code white means there is a violent patient.