Senate report slams Northern airports | Inuit Nunangat Stories |

After two years, nearly 100 witnesses and dozens of airport tours, a Senate committee released its report on establishing a National Air Travel Strategy last week. The report calls for significant federal funding in the North and highlights the unique challenges of Northern air travel.

"The bottom line of the report basically says that the Government of Canada should invest more in air travel in Canada," committee chair Senator Dennis Dawson told Nunavut News/North. "They shouldn't see air travel as a source of revenue; they should see it as a source of investment."

Dawson said the report, titled One Size Doesn't Fit All, makes recommendations that revolve around the Canadian government recognizing the particularities of the North.

Among the litany of examples the report lists is the nature of air travel in the North where it isn't just a necessity for cargo shipping but the only mode of personal transportation.