On the ‘itch or, the politics of bingo in Arviat, Nunavut | Inuit Nunangat Stories | Scoop.it
Boredom generates habits meant to replace the feeling of purposelessness. Habits become ingrained and can take many forms. Most pastimes in Arviat revolve predominantly around hunting, sewing, attending church, socializing, and last, but not least, Bingo jackpots. People play bingo to entertain, fundraise, socialize but, ultimately, they play to win. Isolation is a choice, especially when you live in a remote place where the sun is on vacation and the moon can feel like your only light in January. There is a legitimate argument here for why you would freeze your eyelashes off to walk to a friend’s place to play radio bingo in the dead of winter: self preservation. Anything to get the blood flowing. A racing heart when you’re “on the ‘itch” is one way of getting warmed up in these subzero temperatures. Some believe in good luck and the rest, determination. Whatever our beliefs, we all need something to do and be a part of.