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Nouveaux paradigmes
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Rescooped by Christophe CESETTI from Augmented Collective Intelligence!

Can Participatory Mapping Save the Commons?

Can Participatory Mapping Save the Commons? | Nouveaux paradigmes |

"Imagine if Twitter were to digest for you the range of agreement, disagreement, and mood of your friends. By pre-digesting information -- self-synthesizing, if you will -- modern maps have been able to foreshadow coming revolutions in information.

Unlike the web tools of the early 2000s – chat rooms, forums, wikis, blogs, and podcasts – crowd-sourced maps actually analyze the data given to them, sorting social information into patterns of local, regional, and global patterns.

The maps do not merely collect information, as a “memory hole” like Wikileaks does; rather, the maps show the community back to itself, revealing hot-spots of local corruption and pollution, giving activists the tools to target particular places with investigation or protest."

Via Howard Rheingold
Howard Rheingold's curator insight, January 9, 2014 4:58 PM

h/t the indefatigable Michel Bauwens:  I don't know whether it can save the commons, but participatory mapping is a particularly useful platform for augmented collective intelligence by all sorts of communities -- from public fruit trees to political protests.

(I wrote the following in 1998: 

Maps + Databases + Internet = New Scientific, Civic, and Political Tools)
Rescooped by Christophe CESETTI from Journalisme graphique!

A Campaign Map, Morphed By Money

A Campaign Map, Morphed By Money | Nouveaux paradigmes |

We've reshaped the United States based on where superPACs and other outside groups spent their money to air political ads aimed at influencing the presidential election.  The result?  One weirdly telling map.

Via Jack Loring, Karen Bastien
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