The True, the Good and the Beautiful and the Perfect Product | Nouveaux paradigmes |

Like three sides of a prism, the Good, the Beautiful, and the True refract the white light of consciousness into the entire spectrum of human experience: art, morals, and science; self, culture, and nature; I, We, and It.

Ken Wilber

The Beautiful

What is beautiful refers to the creative impulse that lives within you. No matter the form of expression, the type of art, the style, the culture, every human being has this spark, this impulse to manifest beauty through some form of art or craft. Give a pencil or some pebbles to a young child, he/she will try to create something with it, and to make it as beautiful as possible according to his/her capacities and his/her cultural footprint. The beautiful is the intimate, subjective expression of the I.

The Good

Nothing can be considered as good unless it has been acknowledged as such by others. Goodness introduces the other in the equation. The other doesn’t need to be human. The forest, the animal, the river can say in their own way what’s good for them and what’s not. Goodness is an expression of the You.

The True

What is true refers to the external reality principle, what is out there whether we like it or not. Reality principle is the mirror in which we confront our capacities and creativity. Reality principle provides us with harsh lessons on the consequences of our actions and choices. It impartially tells the cosmetics chemist if the skin care solution he composes is really healthy or not. It tells the engineer whether the nuclear plant can resist an earthquake and a tsunami. Reality principle is our external teacher and miror from which we learn how to perfect our art. Truth emanates from the It, which is neither you, me, or us.

The Perfect Product

Now we can envision what a “perfect product” can be. At every corner of value creation, from the local farmer to the researcher, the manufacturer, the sales person, the customer, the customer service people... everyone can express or measure their experience of truth, goodness and beauty. This can be monitored through dashboards that are accessible to everyone.


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