Notes from Session 3 Lead and Facilitate
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Skills needed by offsite workers

Skills needed by offsite workers's insight:

Technology skills

patience when talking to the service desk

facebook & communication skills



use of various icons on the platform - mics, symbols etc

sense of purpose of what is required and use ability to use techonology to communicate

need the equipment for the work

flesibility to adabpt to new approaches and technology

sense of hunmour :)

time management skills

back up options

know when it is appropriate to be onsite v's offsite

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What is the preferred method of evaluating performance and behaviour of offsite workers

What is the preferred method of evaluating performance and behaviour of offsite workers?'s insight:

Understand how people work & how they work in different methods - respect differences from 15 years ago-  as leaders / employees.  This may not always suit the organisation.  Inform managers about the benefits of working from home.


Very important to set expectations and agreed arrangements between managers and workers


output - set expectations - deliverables - working independently - need to deliver that work.  clear understandings

need to communicate across the other team members so all are on the same page within the team

Outputs remotely help with priorities

Need to be proactive in not letting things not be delivered

important to make sure they are still all connected to the team

important when working remotely to have pods of availability that can be negated.

important to understand your role - negotiation between employee & employer

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