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Norman Meier International

Financial career


Norman Meier’s financial career is really impressive. He has been in financial industry for over 18 years, he has a MBA and Ph D in Human Behavior, he has built up client base of over 3000 clients worldwide, he has 15 finance diplomas and designations, he has raised over $400 million for all kinds of financial products from private clients and $600 million from institutional clients. He has been licensed in Switzerland, Canada and the US to sell securities and his record is absolutely clean and perfect.


Expert in Natural resources (precious metals) and oil and gas


Norman Meier has over 10 years of experience in the gold exploration and production industry. He has become a real specialist who not only understands the financial and business side of a public company but as well as the actual technical knowledge and processes in the gold industry. He (or though his companies) held over 25 different projects all over the world. Most of these projects were gold, silver, copper and molybdenum. Norman Meier took two gold companies public in USA and Germany, managed over 10 geologists and owned projects in Canada, USA, Mexico and Peru.


Norman Meier has furthermore become an expert in oil and gas investments. He has options and investments in several oil and gas deals all over North America. His network in the oil and gas business is extensive and he has become a professional investor in this industry.


International financial experience


Norman Meier’s international financial experience is extensive. He has traveled all over the world and speaks five languages fluently. He has owned companies or done business in Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico, Peru, USA and various other countries. Norman Meier is knowledgeable in financial transactions and international law.


Private Equity Specialist


Norman Meier helped to finance dozens of private companies. He is actively involved in taking companies public in the stock market and is an expert on pre-IPO financings, private placements, Reg. S and Reg. D Filings, etc.


He has a huge client base in Europe and North America and has a network all over the world. His international experience and connections to institutional clients and financial institutions can help companies to achieve their targets.


Norman Meier is one of the top experts in Private Equity financings in the world.




Norman Meier is highly educated. He has a BBA, MBA and Ph D in Human Behavior from Newport University USA and Switzerland. His MBA has a concentration in “Interpersonal Relationship & Communication” and his Ph D is concentrated in “Personnel Management”.


He had originally received the Swiss Matura Typus D (languages) and went to the University of Zurich to study Psychology. After his service in the army, he received a Financial Planning Designation of AWD Switzerland where he worked for over six years. He continued to journey to Canada where he finished several courses and received designations in from the Canadian Securities Institute (equivalent to FINRA in the USA): Canadian Securities Course (CSC), Derivatives Fundamental Course (DFC), Conduct & Practices Handbook Course (CPH), Options Licensing Course (OLC), Ethics Case Study Course, Technical Analysis Course (TAC), Investment Management Techniques (IMT), Options Strategies Course (OSTC), Portfolio Management Techniques (PMT), Agricultural Markets – Risk Management (ARM) and he became a member of the FCSI – Fellowship of the Canadian Securities Institute. Norman Meier also received the following two financial designations Canadian Investment Manager Designation and Derivatives Market Specialist Designation.


In 2011 he became licensed with FINRA in the US and got his Series 7 and Series 63 license. He is officially licensed to sell securities in the US and has a clean record. In order to get licensed in the US a person must undergo a FBI security check otherwise that person cannot get licensed. Norman Meier has never had an issue with the law and has never arrested in his life.


Director of public companies


Norman Meier was the founder and director of several public companies. He founded and built companies from the ground up, found investors, listed companies, acquired over 25 exploration projects, hired geologists, technical staff, sales people, and created market awareness through marketing strategies in the stock market.

He funded private and public companies with $40 million. One company was valued at over $300 million in market capitalization at one point, another one was worth over $200 million in the market, and one company went from $0.10 to $0.50 during his involvement as a director.


About Norman Meier


Norman Meier has been an investment professional since 1995. He has held executive positions with top-tier global investment firms such as MAN Investments and AWD in Switzerland, and Canaccord Capital Corporation in Canada. He also founded a Swiss financial services firm, which has been licensed by the Swiss Banking Commission and registered with a self-regulatory organization. Mr. Meier has well-established relationships with institutional investors in both North America and Europe.

Today, at the age of 38 he owns several businesses and is working as a consultant for several companies in the areas natural resources (he is a gold specialist) and oil and gas investments.

Norman Meier grew up in Zurich / Switzerland and speaks five languages. His first language is Swiss German. He is happily married, has three children and lives in America. He has furthermore founded the Wylie Foundation – a charity to support animals in need.


Norman Meier was the CEO of a FINRA licensed broker dealer in USA and CEO and president of a two public mining exploration companies. He was the founder and major shareholder of several gold and uranium exploration companies in the US and major shareholder of three sales organizations in Switzerland.


He built up a global team of over 60 employees in Switzerland, USA, Canada and Mexico. He was the president and founder of a Swiss financial services company with a license from a self-regulatory organization and a license from the Swiss Banking Commission.

He had raised a total of over $35 million to fund private US companies and a total of $400 million from private investors and $600 million from institutional clients for mutual funds, hedge funds and other financial products.


Financial Advisor


Norman Meier was a financial advisor in Canada for Canaccord Capital – the largest independent Brokerage firm in Canada. He established and managed portfolios, integrated risk management strategies, evaluated performance models for existing portfolios, analyzed global portfolios, researched markets and products, provided investment advice, traded in all kinds of securities including options, built a client book, provided statistical analysis for his clients, solved financial problems, developed and implemented systems designed to generate better returns and raised money for private placement financings.

He was also in a top management position for AWD Independent Financial Services in Europe. He hired and fired people, presented seminars, contributed to strategy of company, motivated staff, led different employees with a different level of training and experience, trained and supervised several team-leaders, devoted time to develop key people, contacted and acquired new candidates and led company presentations.

His annual production was of $70 million and he was among top 20 out of 700 employees in Switzerland. He increased the number of good quality employees and therefore company’s growth and decreased fluctuation of staff. He coached and supervised 25 people, coordinated meetings, appointments, training and personal employee evaluation talks, supervised and supported team-leaders, communicated with employees and encouraged them to achieve better results, evaluated personal plans, set short term and long term goals, kept track of success and commitments.

In short, Norman Meier developed many valuable employees for the company and coached employees to reach personal goals and identified key people for future leading positions.


He became the Nr. 1 “Team leader of the year 1997 of AWD Europe” out of over 1000 team leaders. He trained, supervised and instructed employees in selling process, assisted employees in achieving goals and budgets, evaluated employees’ training needs, innovated performance strategies. Norman Meier sold securities and insurance products through Financial Planning. Acquired customers by telephone, analyzed the customer’s financial situation, created a financial concept, convinced and advised customers to improve personal financial situation, provided service for clients.


He has a proven sales experience from over 3000 sales appointments and high satisfaction of customers.

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Financial career Norman Meier’s financial career is really impressive.

Welcome to Norman Meier International: a place to learn invaluable lessons about business, entrepreneurship, sales, personal achievement and financial success. You can choose from a number of books and CDs in English and in German that will give you specific knowledge to achieve your personal and business goals faster than ever before.

In our investment and business service section we offer services and advise on how to incorporate a company, how to finance your business, taking a company public, on how to structure and organize a company and how to strategically best position your company.

Norman Meier is a successful businessman who achieved a lot of personal and financial success and is willing to share his knowledge with you!

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