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Pierre Lévy fala sobre tablets nas salas de aula - Jornalistas da Web | Jornalismo online e novas mídias

Pierre Lévy fala sobre tablets nas salas de aula - Jornalistas da Web | Jornalismo online e novas mídias | [NomeDaAplicação2] | Scoop.it

As mudanças tecnológicas tão aceleradas do mundo moderno vão chegar de vez à sala de aula e é bem possível que computadores, tablets e outras plataformas substituam o livro didático e o caderno. A previsão é do sociólogo e professor da Universidade de Ottawa (Canadá), especialista em internet. 

Via Debora Cunha
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Experiences from Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and how the MOOC could potentially increase diversity, social inclusion & learner engagement | Mark Morley

"There is currently much interest and excitement at the emergence of an educational approach commonly termed the ‘Massive Open Online Course’ or MOOC. ... I feel there is much we can learn from the delivery of MOOCs that can be used to enhance the on-campus experience supplemented by online course material and delivery. This format offers us the opportunity to investigate learning and improve teaching processes, perhaps more similar to the edX approach. It would seem appropriate to collect and use data to inform this process; treating learning and teaching as a field ripe for research, tying in to a research-led approach."

Via Peter B. Sloep, Paulo Simões
Rose Heaney's curator insight, January 12, 2013 6:30 AM

comprehensive indeed - author has participated in a lot of moocs. Very readable intro for those who have never heard of moocs

Patricia Daniels's curator insight, January 13, 2013 9:17 AM

Interesting and detailed personal insight into cMOOCs and xMOOCs from a participant. I sincerely hope more learners take the time to reflect and share the experiences they have with this kind of learning context. I find as an educator that the student voice is important and assuming that the developers of MOOCs are prepared to listen to critique, both postive and negative, then this is a valuable factor which can lead to improvements which hopefully will have a positive effect on the learner experience and quality of learning.




Hamline CTL's curator insight, February 6, 2013 4:22 PM

MOOCs are not going away!