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I chose this list because, though the skills listed are specific to the math and English language arts classroom, if you look at them as basic skills, 6 of the 9 are skills needed in the work force.


FOCUS- focus is a very important skill to have on the workforce, especially if you’re doing a job that can be dangerous such as working on an assembly line or with some kind of machinery, or even working with children or as a beautician. In these fields and many more it is very important
to stays focused and pay attention.


COHERENCE- coherence is especially important when you are working with customers. It is very important that you are clear and that the customers understand what you are telling them or asking them. The same goes for someone who may be a manager, it is very important that you give your staff clear directions.


SKILLS UNDERSTANDING AND APPLICATION- for any job a person gets you will need some sort o skill set, in order to effectively do the job (application), you will need to understand the skills needed.


EMPHASIS ON PRACTICE- all jobs require practice. For example, my first job was as a cashier at Shoprite, before I actually started I had to sit in the back and practice ringing people up via a computer game. When I finally did get on the floor, I had to wear a tag that said “in- training” and
I had an expert cashier ringing with me just in case I needed help. This was all practicing until I was able to do it by myself.


FOCUS ON EVIDENCE- I think this is a basic skill needed in the job force, especially if you work in retail. I worked in a retail store and there have been times when a customer has tried to return an article of clothing claiming they didn’t wear it, but the clothing smells, or has sweat stains, etc, in cases like this you can’t just take the customer’s word you must pay attention to evidence.


SPEAKING AND LISTENING- this is a self explanatory skill and it’s needed for almost any job.