If the idea of being a receptionist is appealing to you, but you do not wish to have to put up with the day to day BS of driving to and from work, not to mention dealing with all the office politics, then you should consider becoming a virtual receptionist. Virtual receptionist is one of the fast-growing careers in the service industry today. It has become so popular because it suits the needs of both the employer and the employee. From an employer’s perspective, hiring a virtual receptionist makes sense because it is less expensive as compared to an in-house receptionist. From the employee’s perspective, working from home is an excellent alternative for single or stay at home parents. It is also a great work from home job for retirees. As a virtual receptionist, you won’t have to travel to be at work, as you will be working from your own home (or any other location of your choice where you feel comfortable). Moreover, this job also gives you an opportunity to spend time between calls working at other online opportunities, such as taking surveys, blogging or affiliate marketing. Here is how you can learn to become a virtual receptionist: 1. Familiarize yourself with the virtual receptionist industry If you have experience as a receptionist, then you are already familiar with most of the duties of a virtual receptionist. You average employer is not normally as concerned with your irtual assistant experience so much as your traditional receptionist experience. Moreover, they are especially interested in your experience within their industry. For example, the virtual receptionist for a hospital will be dealing with completely different clients and situations as a hotel virtual assistant. So focus on the industries in which you have some background or feel you would be comfortable representing. 2. Build a good resume A well written resume is essential in helping you get the interview, which is where you will either land the job or not. There are free online resume builders that can help you put one together. Highlight your strengths, especially your communication skills. Since most of the virtual receptionist jobs require you to meet the needs of the customer on a phone or other voice medium, your resume should be feature any customer-service related job you have had in the past. 3. Nail the interview Potential employers will want to see how you will interact with their clients over the phone and what kind of problem-solving and message-taking skills you possess. During the interview, be as specific as possible in terms of how you would handle potential calls. While much of the time, you will simply be taking messages over telephone, there will be times when customers will give you problems and you may have to put your conflict resolution skills to the test. Potential employers will want to know during the interviewing process how you would handle such situations. Don't forget the power in simply asking the employer for the job. It is called closing the deal and they will respect you for doing it. 4. Make sure you have time to work Consider your daily routine and obligations when you are applying for a virtual receptionist job. Remember that a flexible work schedule is crucial for virtual receptionists. You may be required to answer phones late at night or early in the morning. 5. H ave the required equipment available at your home Equipment-wise, you will need to have a basic office set up at home or wherever you will be working from. Your office should be a quiet space. Keep the space seperate from animals and children, particularly if you have to speak to clients on the phone. Your office space should also include, at a minimum, a fairly new computer with a high speed Internet connection. Most companies require that you install their software on your computer, so it is important that you have a seperate computer for work, one that is not shared by family members. Usually, you will be asked to have a landline telephone and sometimes, more than one line may be required. Jobs.newsbaby.net is one of the best places to start your search. By taking the time to research the job listings here, you are sure to find a position relatively quickly and easily.