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It’s probably important you have at least a high level picture what an SPA architecture looks like now that there is quite a bit more design work involved on the client side especially with more and more implementations are around SPA and patterns like MVVM; so hence this post. Obviously there is no such thing as one size fits all especially when it comes to architecture, so feel free to omit or add to the architecture based on your specific needs.


Client Layer (HTML5 Browser)
Model View ViewModel (MVVM) is a design pattern which helps developers separate the Model (the data) from the View (the UI). The View-Model part of MVVM is responsible for exposing the data objects from the Model in such a way that those objects are easily consumed in the View. Kendo MVVM is an implementation of the MVVM pattern which seamlessly integrates with the rest of the Kendo framework (widgets and DataSource).


Web Layer (Server)
Almost the entire ASP.NET MVC Web Layer can leverage the DI & IoC Pattern, you can read up on what the benefits are and how to do this download both a sample MVC app that uses MEF or Unity 3 from one of my previous post.

Via Jan Hesse