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Offering visa assistance is no child’s play. It requires one to be updated with the current happenings, new rules, policy changes, amendments introduced by various countries from time to time. Y-Axis, being top Visa and Immigration Consultant in India, keeps track of all the news to make visa processing and documentation less cumbersome for its clientsWe offer visa assistance to clients through our 22 offices in India, London, and Melbourne. The services are not limited to a country or two, but to almost all popular destinations across the globe. Be it Visa Assistance for USA, UK, Australia, Canada, UAE, New Zealand, Japan, Italy, or any other country for that matter, our counselors know the minute details of the process and can do it for you with ease.What Y-Axis Assists You WithFinding a Right Destination – While some people are clear about where to go, others are quite skeptical about it. Selecting a country to study, work, or migrate can be tough task. Therefore, our counselors go through the customer’s profile carefully and help them decide from the various alternatives that suit their career options.Choosing the Visa Type – Every country offers a different visa type to its visitors. For immigration, study, visit, work, and tour, there are a plenty of things that differ: the visa name, duration, stay period, the rights, and much more. So it’s one decision that Y-Axis helps its customers to take with utmost care. We keep open all the possible options based on their preference, and let them choose the best.Documentation – Filling the forms, paying the fee, booking an interview date or application submission date, Y-Axis does most of it. We also have concierges services to reduce the travel and documentation time for the customers. Some of our services are however limited to only few of our offices.

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