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Scooped by Peter Marcus

Europe's extreme problems

Europe's extreme problems | Update | Scoop.it

*European Parliamentary elections are scheduled for six months time.*


For years Europhiles have warned of the dangerous rise of extremists, painting the faintest whiff of EU criticism as a desire to plunge Europe back to the ravages of the Nazis.


Thanks to an economically disastrous desperation to retain the flawed euro currency at all costs, the results could drive a wedge through Europe, as anti-EU candidates, including many extremists, scent victory.

A pall of fear has begun to envelope the previously cozy Brussels political elite. This is hardly surprising given that their remarkable gravy train has failed to deliver prosperity. Far from it.

However, the EU’s finest remain predominantly unrepentant about the economic damage they have high-handedly inflicted upon the European people. Rather, in Brussels, indignation and angst is reserved for something much worse than the mere sacrifice of a generation’s economic prospects. Rather, it appears the voters have decided they don’t really have much faith in the EU at all.

In the latest voting system to elect the President of the Commission (currently Mr. Barroso), each parliamentary political group can now name a candidate. Ambitious arch-Europhiles like socialist Martin Schulz salivate at the prospect of becoming a Grand Vizier of Brussels.


Meanwhile a parallel worry stalks the European ‘elite’. Despite noisily trumpeting the democratic mantra, the EuroParliament exists under the cloud that members are usually elected on a low turnout poll with a high ‘protest vote’ element where citizens are keen to give governing parties a mid-term bloody nose. Hence an organized protest vote in May 2014 could have considerable ramifications.


Alongside Syriza’s de facto Communists, Golden Dawn’s neo-Nazis are also gaining ground. However, they are almost modestly sized compared to extremist movements in say France or Holland. Indeed the Dutch Freedom Party, led by Geert Wilders, has agreed an electoral pact with the French National Front. Dubbed ‘far right’ they are essentially anti-capitalist, protectionist fellow travelers to the communists. Thus from next May the European Parliament could have a radically different complexion.

Whether it’s national socialism or the international variety, both vestige of extremist politics have a visceral dislike for the EU.

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Scooped by Peter Marcus

SNP back Glasgow's shipyards | Scottish National Party

SNP back Glasgow's shipyards | Scottish National Party | Update | Scoop.it

Sandra White MSP has today outlined how shipbuilding has a bright future in Scotland and said that Ian Davidson MP’s hollow threats to Glasgow shipyard workers will not go down well with the people of Scotland’s biggest city.


But people in the coastal city of Portsmouth claim the dicision to save two Scottish shipbuilding locations while cutting 940 jobs from Portsmouth is 'politically motivated' and an attempt by the Conservative government to gain votes is a Scottish independence referendum.

Christopher Crawford's curator insight, November 21, 2013 4:38 PM

Shipbuilding has a bright future in an independent Scotland, as Norwegian yard show.