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The best fashion trend tips for 2014

The best fashion trend tips for 2014 | Newport International Group |
Let's talk about what to be on the lookout for, now that it's 2014.
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Let's talk about what to be on the lookout for, now that it's 2014.


As you know me by now, I don't expect everyone or anyone to go out and buy all of my suggestions that I've written about in past columns. I only expect you to go out and buy half of it (just kidding). I'm a fashion columnist who enjoys writing about something that's reflective on who we are, and how we can always be amused by the trends, topics and excitement it brings.


For this week's column, I share with you some of the trends for 2014 that I'm most thrilled for. Some trends have already been around, while others will be breaking news (in my own fashion world mind). Hope you enjoy these influences that, if anything, just help make you feel more educated on the fashion world.


• Men's style lace-up shoes. These shoes, also known as Oxfords, have been around for quite some time, but now for 2014, they've come with a spin. Lace ups with a high wedge, platform or fluorescent block color for the sole are what you'll be seeing more of. Some of my favorites being from Oliver & Clark, they have shoes and boots made only for the tough-hearted.


• Midi-skirts. Break out your skirt influences from the '90s because the "just below the knee" length is back. Make sure to find a skirt with volume and flare so that you don't look like a pioneer. Lace, sheer, leather or brocade are the ways to go.


• Cropped jackets. Pair up your jeans or wide trousers with a top and a cropped jacket. Cropped blazers, cropped tweed jackets and even your own makeshift DIY version are great ways to fit in for this fashion.


• Crop tops. No, I don't support showing off the midriff. I think more coverage in that area is more elegant. However, since fashion is always so versatile, you can wear your crop tops with ultra-high-waisted jeans, or my favorite way, with a pencil skirt. It breaks up the lines and gives you some movement and makes for a new style.


• Pastels! These are all over for the coming year. Yes, even while it's still winter! Take advantage of the beautiful lilac, rose or peach textiles when you can, they may not stay here forever.


• Statement pieces. You may have seen many styles hit the ground running this year like monogrammed sweatshirts from Old Navy or dresses and skirts with novel writings. The most intriguing influences I've found have been in "Nylon Magazine." It's fun to express your attitude, likes or hobbies written on your body. This may seem a thing of the past, but it's back in action, so express yourself. This is also a very simple thing you could do to a piece of your current clothing with fabric paint, stencils and your own creative genius.


Hope this gets you excited for this upcoming year. Fashion never ceases to amaze me with the brilliance of expressing yourself through a million different ways, whether it's the choice of textile, length, color or the way you pair it with a loud mix of patterns. Fashion is about having fun, not for constant flattery.


• The Wasatch Wardrobe is written by Lindsey Shores, a Utah personal fashion stylist, who's helped clients succeed with higher confidence, better dating lives and their most important events. She exudes the best in everyone by bringing out the personalities they have on the inside without knowing how to represent them on the outside. Lindsey gained expertise in the fashion industry by styling some of Hollywood's A-list celebrities for their red carpet events, and is passionate about bringing that allure to Utah. Lindsey also does the wardrobe costuming for commercials, music videos and television. To see what other stars she's worked with or to schedule time with Lindsey yourself, contact her at or visit her website at


For January, I'll be doing 31 days of nitty gritty, real, fashion talk called "Forward Fashion". Find me on Facebook Lindsey Shores Styling to follow it and find many of your style questions answered. If you want to participate, I'd love to hear from you. Shoot me over any vogue question and if I don't have an answer to it, I'll find an expert guest who does! Send your email to

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Scooped by Jainnee Morgan!

Great Brands and Great Stocks by Newport International Group Stocks Warning

Great Brands and Great Stocks by Newport International Group Stocks Warning | Newport International Group |


Great Brands and Great Stocks: Part 1


Interbrand this week released its updated 2013 brand rankings, which saw Apple leap to the No. 1 spot, followed by other tech players and, of course, Coca-Cola. Having a powerful brand is, obviously, an invaluable tool -- one that bewitches consumers and investors alike. And, over time, each of the five top picks have been great long-term holdings. However, a quick glance at Interbrand's top picks shows just two that have outperformed the S&P 500 this year. When it comes to stock picking, the lesser valued brands may have greater upside potential in the coming years. Here are a few to look at.


The Top 5 as ranked

The top five brands, according to the research and consulting firm, are as follows: Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, IBM, and Microsoft. Now, Interbrand's ranking is certainly not entirely based on investment performance (though the companies' financial returns do play a part), but it's interesting to note that only Google and Microsoft have outperformed the market at large. For reference, Google is up nearly 22% year to date, while the S&P 500 has gained slightly less than 20%. Microsoft has gained 20.5%. 


The biggest year-over-year riser in Interbrand's ranking, Apple, has lost one-tenth of its market value this year.


Looking further down the list gives investors a glimpse into brand names that are growing fast and whose stocks may not be as closely scrutinized by Wall Street analysts, and potentially offer investors greater upside potential.


A few good names

Coming in at No. 72 in the rankings, but also one of the biggest gainers on the list, is Prada. The 100-year-old luxury goods maker holds one of the most iconic badges to grace a purse, and is far from going stale.


In the first half of this year, net sales grew 7.6%, driven primarily by the Asia-Pacific region. Though China has slowed down in recent years, the region continues to offer very attractive growth prospects for all luxury goods makers. The core Prada brand saw its revenues rise 17.4%. During the period, the company opened 30 new stores, and it plans to continue its expansion on a global level.


Prada's stock isn't cheap, but its valuation on a trailing basis is lower than other high-flying big-name luxury goods makers, such as Michael Kors. Over the past two years, Prada has gained more than 100% in stock value, surpassing by a multitude the top five brands on the list.


Another icon, though in a different league, is Nike (NYSE: NKE  ) . No. 24 on the list, and growing 13% in brand points over the prior year, Nike is an absolute powerhouse stock -- gaining more than 42% this year. The company recently announced its earnings, and there was nothing but good news. Nike has refocused on its core brands and is seeing its Asian market stabilizing, along with solid growth in Eastern Europe. Nike is an industry leader and an innovator, with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.


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