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No one covers the marketing automation marketplace better than David Raab. Here's his take on the potential direction marketing automation vendors will (should) take moving forward. His post should make you pause and think about future marketing technology investments.  A summary of his article...


For marketing automation vendors to continue to grow, they need to support other activities within marketing, such as advertising, deeper analytics, and administration. 


-Advertising:  closer integration with paid search systems and integration with ad buying systems (demand side platforms, or DSPs) and data marketing platforms (DMPs).

-Deeper analytics: better attribution techniques for measuring the contribution of individual marketing messages to the final disposition of a lead (i.e., did they become a customer); better matching of leads to sales, relying on advanced algorithmic techniques that find near-matches and non-obvious relationships (such as businesses with multiple locations or operating under different trade names); and  predictive modeling for lead scoring, content recommendations, and offer selection.

-Support for administration: better tools for marketing planning, budgeting, project management, approval workflows, and content control (user rights, change tracking, version control, integration with external repositories, etc.). It also means more precise control over user rights in general, so companies can add more users to the system and still limit their activities to their own job.


Another trend will probably be continued incursions into the marketing automation space by vendors from adjacent areas, including CRM, web content management, email services, social, and Web advertising. All will share the same fundamental goal of emerging as the central system for the entire marketing department.


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