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International Business TimesSiri adding a language, could be coming to iPad 3Washington PostThe new update, the blog speculated, could be to enable the iPad 3 to use Siri as well.

1. The Washington Post column is discssing the new pop culture hit with technology, "Siri".

2. -The new update to iPhone 4s has taken a new toll on the future generation.

    - Siri is one of the rare beta released products of Apple.

    -It is impossible for hackers to install siri on uncompatible devices.

    - AI is a third hand personel assistant.

3. The writer approves of this new outbreak of technology.

4.The columnist clearly speaks highly of the new techology, therefore approves of Siri.

 6. Ilearned about a whole new side of Siri the newbeta technology.

7. This column was toward a general audience, young, adult, mainly to an technology advanced audiece.

8.Yes, the columnist express thier opinions thouroghly to agree with him

Part 2:

2. The main stradegy the columnist uses is informational resorces to persuade the reader to purchase the new product. The main goal for the columnist

is to have the reader be impressed with Siri as much as he is.

The purpose of this article is to expose and promote the semi-new

Apple iPhone 4s.