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How Much Are iPads Really Helping Kids in the Classroom?

How Much Are iPads Really Helping Kids in the Classroom? | new technology elizabeth young |
The drive to increase technology use in classrooms has many asking whether the investment is more fizzle than bang, and whether it’s too early to tell how wisely the money is being spent.

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elizabeth young's comment, March 14, 2013 6:36 AM
yes but you do use it at one pont
stevecarter's comment, March 17, 2013 8:30 PM
I think this depends largwly on the deployment model. Too many schools are trying to use the iPad as s hred device which limits content creation.
Meleny Weber's curator insight, December 15, 2013 5:15 PM

This article is very similar to the cartoon about the iPad because they both have the same idea that technology might not be what it's all cracked up to be. This article talks about how school districts are shelling out tons of money to get students and classrooms iPads, without even knowing if it is worth it. The author ends by saying there still is not enough data to tell if all the money and technology are even helping the students. The article brings up the fact that a textbook costs about 20% of an iPad. It is even less expensive because it can last many many years without needing to be replaced, or without having to get electronically fixed/maintained.

I agree with what was said in this article, but I wish there was more evidence behind the points the author was making. I do agree that schools should be researching the effects of iPads in the classroom much more before going out and spending millions of dollars. There does need to be test classrooms to show the effects, but after those results, then schools should seriously consider buying iPads. This article is interesting as well as the cartoon because it shows the other side behind technology in the classroom. Most articles and blogs only talk about the benefits of incorporating iPads, and all the awesome new things they can do for your classroom. Nobody ever really sits down, and thinks, "wait, does this even help the students learn?". The students' education should be our number one priority, and sometimes I think people forget that.

After reading this article, I found myself to be slightly less supportive of technology in the classroom. I still believe that some technology is essential like smartboards, or projectors, but now I am not too sure about having iPads in the classroom. Does it actually help them learn, or is it more of a distraction?

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Walt Mossberg: How Apple Gets All the Good Apps ... - AllThingsD

Walt Mossberg: How Apple Gets All the Good Apps ... - AllThingsD | new technology elizabeth young |
While Apple never creates apps for other mobile systems or devices, its major mobile-platform foes -- Google, Amazon and Microsoft -- make many of their apps available for Apple devices.
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