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How to Combat Childhood Obesity Without Putting Your Child on a Diet

How to Combat Childhood Obesity Without Putting Your Child on a Diet | Current Events for English |

1. The column talks about how all though it's good we're targeting obesity in youth, we're not doing it correctly. Rather than make them feel bad about it, trick them into losing weight.


2. Main Points

a. The idea was to shock parents into action, yet many felt that the harsh ads and billboards only underscored the message to children that being fat isn't okay.

b. Don't focus on lowering your child's weight

c. Bring back the habit of eating at home

d. Use smaller plates--for instantly smaller portions

e. Don't make any food "forbidden fruit."

f. Teach your child to listen to his body and hunger cues

g. But do make sure your child feels satisfied once he's eaten

h. Model healthy behavior

i. Encourage activity


3. All though it's a good idea to keep kids weight down, you can't just force them.


4. The author does not directly state their opinion on the matter, but it's obvious to tell through the evidence that they believe that there are way that you should use to lower child obesity.


6. The author is mostly likely a mother concerned for the obesity in youth, and feels forcing it isn't the option.


7. This column was defintitly made for parents of children who love to eat.


8. Based on the evidence provided, I could say that the author has convinced me about using these much more productive methods of keeping a childs weight down. 



The author has so much logos writing in this column that it's not even funny. When they say "You're fat, which makes you unacceptable. Not what a kid's self-esteem needs." Their exactly right, no child wants to hear that they need to lose weight. They would rather not know that your helping them lose weight rather than know that you're noticing the tummy they have.  When the auther says, "Forbidding anything outright causes most of us to want it all the more," he is telling us that we all think this and that it's normal and going to happen. The author has a ethos moment when they say, "The more you limit it, the more your child is forced to find another way (soccer with the neighbor, a game of hide and seek with his sister) to entertain himself." They are telling us about how one way or another they'll find a way to entertain themselves should you keep them full by following step numbers five and six.

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New studies dismiss link between video games and youth crime | News | New Game Network

New studies dismiss link between video games and youth crime | News | New Game Network | Current Events for English |

1. The Column is discussing it's view on how violent video games are not the reason for the violent youth in todays generation.


2. Main Points

a. During testing, researchers confirmed that violent video games were not the reasoning behind a violent youth, but that depression, antisocial personalities, family violence, and peer pressure were more likely the answer.

b. In the last 11 years there have been no conclusive evidence to linking violent video games and violent youth. 


3. Through the conclusions of many researchers expiraments, it can be concluded that violent video games cannot and should not be blamed for the violent youth of this generation.

4. He doesn't directly say his opinion anywhere within the article, but I believe that with the evidence he showed he's trying to prove there is no link.


6. I learned that the columnist is concerned for the violent actions of todays youth, and that he doesn't want violent games being banned due to untrue accuasations.


7. The article was written for the youth, and the youths parents, so that the youth could say that playing violent video games isn't the reason for there violence.


8. With the evidence that the columnist provided in this editorial, I can say that I fully agree with his opinion of violent video games linking to violent actions.




I believe when the columnist said, "When controlling for these behavioral and environmental factors, the researchers affirmed that exposure to video game violence was not related to youth aggression, and that depression, antisocial personality traits, family violence and peer influences were in fact the best predictors of aggression," that he was trying to use a logos connection. He was taking the attention away from violent video games and placing it on more important issues such as depression, and peer pressure. I also believe there was a hint of pathos in that statement. Words like depression and peer pressure grab your attention due to there big effects on youth also.

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One In Four Children Subjected To Cyberbullying, Study Finds

One In Four Children Subjected To Cyberbullying, Study Finds | Current Events for English |

1. The column states all about cyber bullying and statistics of results due to cyber bullying.

2.Main Points

a.  Surveys say that over one in four of 4,605 students say they have been cyber bullied.

b. Five percent of students say they have turned to self harm, and three percent say they havve attempted suicide.

c. 23% of students say it has gone on for over a year..

3. Cyber Bullying is a very dangerous thing for the youth, and should be stopped immediatly.

4. The author does not say it directly in their column, but I believe that through the evidence provided that you can conclude that they are against cyber bullying.

6. You can learn from the article that the author is most likely a concerned parent, or teacher.

7. This article was mostly written for parents of students/youth to prevent the future act of unsupervised internet cyber bullying.

8. I believe the authors has provided more than necessary evidence to show what there point of view is in the matter of cyber bullying, and convince me once again, that cyber bullying is something that should not be tolerated or allowed. The fact the even three percent of the youth questioned were kids who attempted suicide, makes me worry about todays generation.



I believe through a lot of the information provided, such as, "In addition, five per cent said they had resorted to self-harming and three percent admitted they had attempted suicide," was a succesful attempt at using pathos writing. She was trying to make us aware of the worst kind of reaction to cyber bullying. A logos writing was taken at the spot of, "We as a society need to take responsibility for both preventing such harmful and anti-social behaviour, and dealing effectively with incidents of virtual violence when they occur," because they are trying to make you thing that it's happening to every single student out there. Another pathos statement can be found in the sentence, "Of those that said they had been persistently cyberbullied, 23% said it last for a year or more." I say this because they want it to seem like 1 out of 4 children are going through year long cyber bullying.

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