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Haiku Deck One of 5 "Secret" and Disruptive Content Curation Tools - Atlantic BT

Haiku Deck One of 5 "Secret" and Disruptive Content Curation Tools - Atlantic BT | Digital-News on today |

5 Secret & Disruptive Content Curation Tools
* Haiku Deck.
* Pinterest.
* GooglePlus.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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DISRUPTION: Why Google+ Is Best Social Net for Content Marketers

DISRUPTION: Why Google+ Is Best Social Net for Content Marketers | Digital-News on today |
Play along with me here for a minute. Imagine some drunk wandering down the sidewalk at 3 in the morning. He's got a cigarette dangling from his lip and

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, March 10, 2013 8:40 AM

AGREE - Google Plus Disrupts
I was in a conference the other day and people actually chuckled when Google plus was mentioned, they laughed. "Perfect," I remember thinking; "no one gets it yet time to double down on Google Plus". You don't make millions online by doing things the way others are doing them. 

You make money by being remarkable, distinct and disruptive. Money is simply the currency we use to keep score. You can't make money online by setting out to make money (irony). Authentic honesty is the table stakes of online poker. 

Insincere disruption or disruptions not supported by social signals don't last long. Once you know the story you want to tell, I would tell it on Google Plus. Don't forsake the other social nets, just use G+ as your main horse, the one you ride the most and the one who gets the best oats. 

Why? More than just G+ comes from Google; Google Plus is less crowded (at the moment) and less defined. "Less defined" means common groupthink and best practices are less established. Since Google Plus is a suite of tools with many possible combinations it may stay "less defined" for a long time. 

The way you combine and use the suite of tools that make up G+ may be very different than the next user (and this is what you want). It is easier to use a suite of tools to disrupt than a platform. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have their own very defined structure, a structure largely controlled by someone else. 

Tools Rule
Google Plus is not perfect (by a long shot). Many of its elements and tools are counter-intuitive and infuriating (at first). Hang in there and keep creating, combining and re-combining and you will like the end result (eventually). 

Google Plus is more conducive to long form content and conversations too. Don't just repost. Make sure you add some original value even if the piece started somewhere else. Can't have conversations on Twitter and Facebook friends want to hear about your children and trips. G+ is where I go to have meaningful conversations about Internet marketing.

The environment can turn contentious on strange things, but adopt the attitude that all feedback is GOOD, praise and listen and your ideas will get BETTER on G+. How disruptive is that?

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