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A work by celebrated American artist James Turrell. This installation consists of a 28' square viewing area, , enclosed by a grass berm and covered by an elevated, The interior space provides a rich, varied experience of the changing light conditions through the oculus. The installation serves as a music performance space for a limited number of people...

Name: Twilight Epiphany
Location: Suzanne Deal Booth, Rice University, 6100 Main St, Houston, Texas 77251, United States
Type: Light Art, INSTALLATION, Art in Architecture, Art Exhibition
Total occupancy: 120
Pavilion size:

Floor Elevation: 48.125
Building Area: 5,184 sqf
Size of roof: 72’-0” x 72’-0”
Size of oculus: 14’-0” x 14’-0”
Pavilion enclosed, size: 77’-0” x 77’-0”
Pavilion plaza, size: 129’-0” x 129’-0”
Technique: Media - Skyspace, light and space
Project Year: 2012
Completion Year: June, 2012

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